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To Know, Or Not To Know (boy/girl) Lock Rss

hi everyone

i need a bit of help on this subject and i not real sure if anyone else is having the same trouble. not that it makes any real diff either way but you see i dont know if i should find out what the sex of jnr is

when i was preg with my baby gal i was convinced i was having a boy (i love her more then anything in the world so it dosnt really matter) but i bought alot of blue cos i thats how i felt

i dont want to know cos i want it to be a suprise but i do want to know cos id like to have the room and belongings perfect

does that make ANY sense? (i think ive gone crosseyed)

please tell me wat you think


DD may 03, DS oct 06

I found out with my first and it was wrong, we have been told that we are having a boy this time, we will see.

No one can really tell you weather or not to find out I wanted to know and they got it wrong so I still got a suprise.

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

Hi Manda,

It makes a lot of sense to me too. With Lachlan I was determined not to know and was glad I waited for the birth. With this pregnancy I still want the surprise but at the same time would love to know what I am having so I can decorate the room and buy new clothes - if its a girl. Also there is a lot of pressure for us to produce a girl as the last 5 grandkids for my inlaws have been boys. (Pressure from SIL & BIL - not MIL). We will wait for the birth to find out but everytime I go to my OB I am very tempted to ask - just as well DH comes with me!

Morning,I am pregnant with my 5th baby.
We found out the sex of the babies for the first two and then the third we didnt find out and then with our 4th we found out and then we just went for an ultrasound last wed and found out we r having another boy.
So it makes 1 girl who is our eldest and 4 boys ,youngest is due in late august early sept.
The reasons we found out is so we can get everything ready but it is totally upto you .

I think if u are more sure u want to know then go ahead but if u r more sure u dont want to know and leave it as a surprise then dont
I had my girl first so it didnt matter to me what they all were and even the last ultrasound we had everyone swore i was going to have a girl until they actually saw legs spread and a penis there in full view .Hubby was abit bummed out but i love all my kids but he quickly got over it when i told him then william he is to be called after his grandad

sorry about my full blurb
when r u due?

5 kids now

Hi Manda,

It's a really hard decision to make whether or not to find out. Having said that we plan on finding out, assuming that is ok with bubs that is, for a number of reasons, not the least of which i am absolutely hopeless when it comes to surprises. Hubby has great fun teasing me by announcing at least a month before my b'day that he knows what he is getting me because it drives me nuts trying to work it out, I am totally incapable of not thinking of the white rabbit as he puts it. Also my sister is having her 3rd and last and has one of each already. She has found out that she is having a girl this time and so is going to give us all her boy baby clothes but if we are having a girl we need to get some girl stuff.

The main piece of advice I would have is that even if you do find out get some gender neutral stuff anyway because if you ever have another one and it is the opposite gender to the one you are having this time you will already have some clothes for it. Otherwise you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe and lets face it babies out grow clothes long before clothes ware out so if you can get more use out of some stuff when you have another you might as well.

All the best with the decision, I wrote a list of pro's and con's and it really helped to make the decision to find out when there were twice as many pros to finding out as there were cons, in fact the only con was not having the surprise. Go with your heart

Hi I'm 26 weeks pregnant at the moment. I already have a little boy and I have just found out that I am having a girl. I just had to find out, I am the kind of person who can't wait, I can't even have a layby because I can't wait for it. I have found it great knowing what sex my babies are going to be, especially with this baby who is due in July. I have already started decorating her room in pinks & purples.

Katie,5 year old son & 20month old daughter

We waited with both our girls. I know it would be just as much as surprise finding out at the ultrasound, but honestly, for me personally, I don't think anything could beat having the doctor lift up my baby and for ME to be able to say "I have a daughter!!!!" I was the one to announce the sex of both my sweet girls, and it's a moment I treasure.

And my husband got such a thrill out of being able to ring people and say "It's a Girl!!"

Decorating etc .. we kept the nursery gender neutral since it was going to be used by more than one baby, lots of bright colours. The girly touches came after the birth with special keepsake presents like music boxes and prints on the walls.
Clothing, I didn't buy much of beforehand anyway, just a couple of lovely white sleepsuits - I love newborns in white. I also had a beautiful pink baby shawl, and another one that was blue, given to me as never been used hand-me-downs which I took to the hospital.
And I never needed to know the gender to be able to "bond" with my baby ... I'm having a baby, a whole incredible new little person, who cares if it is a boy or a girl. After all, it is the time ever that I simply have a baby - not a boy or a girl, a son or daughter, pink or blue, just simply a precious little baby.

We are due again in September, my scan is next week, and we will NOT be finding out smile But yes, it is hard to hold out, but worth it in the end in my opinion.

Also helps that I don't have a desperate need or want for either a boy or a girl, so I simply cannot imagine being disappointed at the birth


Just something to think about that my mother told me.
It is still a surprise whether you find out now or when you give birth. It is just a matter of how long you want to wait to find out. Either way, you didn't know what you were having beforehand.
Also if you are really hoping for one sex and you find out you are having the other, you have time to adjust and get over the disappointment.
And in the end, reading through all these posts there are a lot of people who have been told wrong. So if you find out, you could end up with another surprise on the day.
I really want to find out because I am a practical person and want to have things organised prior to the birth. But I am keeping in mind that a mistake could be made, so I will have a back up name and a few neutral colured outfits, so i don't end up with a boy coming home dressed in Pink.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Thats fantastic that baby is healthy. Thats all that matters really.
I was desperate to know what we are having and I think that was also the reason I wanted a 3D ultrascan. Someone earlier posted that it is always a surprise really and you are just finding out abit earlier. I like that idea, I wish I had it when both my mother and MIL were giving my grief about finding out. All in good fun though, i think I am just a person who needs to know everthing and I am very organised (sometimes). I am glad we found out we are having a boy because I always say him, but I suppose I cant really compare because I havent had a baby where I havent known the sex. Though I will tell you what, finding a name for the little man is the hardest thing!!! LOL
Hope my post makes sense.
Take care.
Hey there,

I found out what i am having, and it is good to know because you can set the nursery up, but then there is a chance it could come out the opposite sex.

Not finding out can be a thrilling surprise, go with your heart.

There is home tests you can do, that supposedly work.
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