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Starting to show...??? Lock Rss

I'm only 7 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I realise this probably sounds INSANE but I am convinced that I am beginning to show!

I know without doubt that my boobs have gotten bigger, but lately I've been feeling that my tummy is beginning to too and even my partner has noticed it!

I feel kind of bloated, its hard to explain, but you know the feeling when you push your tummy out as far as you possibly can? Well I feel like I'm doing that all of the time! Like I cant help but push my tummy out.

My mum keeps assuring me that I couldnt possibly be showing this early, but I cant help but think otherwise.

I was just wondering how far along other pregnant women have been when they started to show??

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

Hi Katie,

That doesn't sound insane at all. I am a fairly slim build, and short too, and I started to show at 5 weeks. It wasn't much then, but it was definitely there! My boobs were bigger too. No one knows your body better than yourself (and probably your partner) so I'd say there's a pretty good chance you are showing. Everyone is different, some people don't show till 20 weeks!

Good luck with your pregnancy, and remember - there is nothing "strange" when it comes to being pregnant, everyone is different!

Hope this helps.

That all sounds familiar. I think I started to show when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I was bloated and couldnt wear my jeans cause they were uncomfortable but I am now 17 weeks pregnant and fit back into them. My stomach is more rounded now and has really started to pop out. Early on I think I was just bloated like you say with everything happening inside then things seemed to settle down.

SS, VIC, due: 24/9/06

Hi all,

I'm almost 14 weeks and I've been showing since about 7 weeks. I usually weigh around 51kgs and I now weigh 63kgs, heheh. Everyone thought I was having twins until we had our second ultrasound and there's only one little cutie pie in there!
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