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leaking boobs??? Lock Rss

hi there

this happened for the first time about 2 weeks ago but i thought i must have been clumsy and spilt my drink... Then about 2 days ago at work I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw the same wet patch had formed on my top... Horrified I went to the bathroom and sure enough my breasts were leaking!!! This has not really stoped for the last 48 hours and seems as if my leaking boobs are here to stay! I am only just 18 weeks today!

It is mostly clear but a little yellow colostrum has also been leaking! My fiancee thinks it is highly amusing although a little disgusting - I am just amazed as i can generally feel when it is about to come out and can watch it seep out before my very eyes...

Had I been 30 weeks I may not have been too concerned (most of the books and websites say this is normal for the later stages of pregnancy) but I never expected this to happen quite so early on and no one told me this might happen! Is this normal and will this mean that I may go into labour early???

Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

NSW, 18 wks


I'm almost 39 weeks and fortunately haven't had this problem but I went to a breast feeding class the other day and it is perfectly normal apparently. As you say it usually happens later in pregnancy but as with everything to do with pregnancy and birth, there are no hard and fast rules. I was getting Braxton Hicks at 23 weeks but all the books said you didn't get them until much later so don't freak out too much. If you are really concerned go and see your GP or ring your ante-natal clinic but I'm sure they will tell you it's nothing to worry about and definately won't mean you are likely to go into labout early.

Take care and try to relax


i had the same problem my breasts started leaking around 20 weeks but mostly happened when i was sleeping depending which side i slept on.

it is perfectly normal but just mention it to your midwife/doctor next appointment.

and if it is definatly noticeable then either try wearing a thicker bra or if really bad you can start using breast pads if you get the right ones you hardly notice they are there although some brands are uncomfortable.

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hi becs
im 14 weeks and the prob is just starting i showed my fiance last night and he thought it was so gross
im glad someone else is the same i thought the same as you isnt it supposed to happen later
i feel beta now

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Hi Becs,

My boobs caused me a bit of embarassment when they decided to start leaking.

I'm 27 weeks but my boobs started leaking about 6 weeks ago. The first time it happened I freaked out a bit. I was at work, which is predominantly male, talking to one of my workmates (a male of course!!) and I felt something roll down my tummy and thought "that's weird I'm not hot, I shouldn't be sweating" then about 5 mins later I felt the same thing on the other side. I decided to go and check it out in the toilets and sure enough they were leaking. I told my boss who is a female and after she stopped laughing at me she rang the medical centre at my work to see if they had any sort of breast pads there so I didn't have to go home. "Yes" they said "come straight over we've got something here for her" So I went over to the medical centre which was full of men waiting to be seen by the nurse. I went up to the counter where of course there was a male nurse and quietly said "my boss just rang you..." "OH YES" he beamed "YOU'RE THE ONE THAT NEEDED THESE" waving some sterile pads, which looked like the first sanitary pads ever invented (they were huge), in the air. I quickly grabbed them and quietly said "thanks" I turned around and walked past all the guys and as I got to the door to leave the ever so HELPFUL male nurse called out "HOPEFULLY THEY'LL WORK FOR YOU"

I think it would have been less embarrassing if i'd've just gone and shoved some toilet paper into my bra!!

Anyways, not really leaking much anymore but if I squeeze my boobs a fair bit will come out.

From memory I started leaking early when I was pregnant with my daughter too and I didn't go into labour until i was 39 weeks.

I think you'll be ok honey, but like someone else said (sorry can't think of who) if you're really concerned have a chat with your doc.

Take care

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