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Metallic Taste in Mouth? Lock Rss


Does anyone have this problem? I have this wickedly strong metallic taste constantly in my mouth. It has been there from day 1 and has not subsided. It is foul! I have tried sucking on mints, lollies and find that chewing gum keeps it at bay for the short term. It certainly is strong and I am hoping it will disappear. It affects flavours of foods and drives me insane. Is there anyone that can relate to my problem? Or am I alone? Could it be stronger as I am carrying twins?

Mummy to 18 mnth old twin girls

Hi Charmaine, I had the same thing. I am not carrying twins though. That was the first sign for me that I was pregnant. I popped a can of coke, took a swig and spat it out! I said to my husband 'taste this!' he said it was fine. From then on, everything tasted terrible! I am 15 weeks now and it is going away thank god, cos I think that is what put me off eating....

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