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havent been able to sleep in days with a strong aching pain in my hips and legs i have tryed everything to fix it i cant spend another night without sleeping

please anyone any ideas


Hi Shelby

As per pp what kind of pain is it- sharp, shooting? and where in your legs?

If its throbbing pain low in your calves then perhaps try calcium and magnesium tablets- I used to get the worst night pain, as if I'd been on my feet on a concrete floor for a month, as well as cramps, but my OB prescribed calcium and magnesium and that has stopped the night pain completely.

Also perhaps try wrapping your body around a body pillow, that seems to help too by keeping pressure off.

Good luck

I agree with Holly re the pillow thing

I cannot sleep without a pillow between my knees... if I happen to fall asleep without it, I have aching hips for days...

With the pillow it allows your pelvis to remain aligned...

Give it a go, other wise talk toyour GP/OBGYN, but the pillow works for me...

Let us know how you go

Kell xoxox

i had leg and foot cramps and i was told to take calcium/magnesium tablets and that helps...

i also have an uncomfortable shooting pain below my left hip and in my leg..its apparently a siatic nerve sp?
massage doesnt help really, but try getting some type of remedial therapy

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