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Hi ladies, with 6 weeks to go I'm doing a bit of a cull of all the paperwork you tend to collect during pregnancy, but before I chucked the above brochure I wanted to post it here cos I found it a really helpful resource:

The NSW gov Food Authority publication, food safety during pregnancy. The best part of it is pages 6 and 7 where they have a colour coded table saying what to eat, what not to, examples etc. I made copies of just these 2 pages and had them in my briefcase for easy reference at work as they are quite discrete.

Hope it is of use.

Good luck with your pregnancies,

ooh Thanks smile

Does anyone know why we arent meant to eat Bean Sprouts?
[Edited on 19/05/2009]

To answer my own question apparently even washed or cooked they are a salmonella risk

[Edited on 19/05/2009]

Alexis Jayne 19.08.09

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