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So embarrased... Lock Rss

I was out shopping at Westfield with my husband this morning and ended up very embarrased. I was wondering around the shops when I go a horrible pain in my side. It was so bad I ended up in tears in the middle of the shopping centre. I was so embarrased, just lucky my hubby was there.

I know it sound like a silly thing to be embarrased about but I am soooooo emotional at the moment.

Has anyone else had one of these moments?
Hi there
Damn prengnancy hormones lol!

When I was 40 weeks, had a Doctors appointment, i was praying to god she was going to get me to come in on the Monday to be induced (appt was a Friday) But she wasnt going to induce me till the Thursday (would make that 11 days over) I completely lost it..I was crying and crying, i just couldnt stop.. (soooo embarrasing) I was trying to calm myself down and stop crying but i couldnt! The doctor let me stay in her office till i calmed down! I am not a emotional person and would never cry like that in front of anyone lol!
Bloody embarrasing walking out of her office with red puffy eyes and tears falling down my face hahaha!
Luckily my baby ended up coming that night! When the doc checked me she said nothing had changed in there (had interal the previous week aswell) and would probaly have to be induced!

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Hi- with both cherubs whenever I'm 10 mins away from needing a big poo (or even a little one, everything is so squashed up!) I get really sore cramps across my belly- one day in Kmart I had to lean over the trolley and basically rub my stomach and try not to explode, I had 3 women ask if I were in labour and could they help me! Couldn't say, 'no, sorry, just need to go to loo!' That was pretty mortifying... and then after my cherub was born it seemed the only times my boobs leaked was right when I opened the door to our DHL delivery man...

I had an episode that left me feeling so dumb....

Last wednesday night I had an asthma attack, I couldnt breathe, when i got to the hospital the nurse said your breathing is ok, your having a panic attack, just slow down your breathing.

I felt like such a ditz I started to cry, not just cry SOBBING cry OMG, thought my crying days were over.. apparently not

Awwww, Sweetie, Don't feel bad, I bet any female that had ever been pregnant would have been totally understanding. You aren't alone. It happens to many people in pregnancy.
I hope you are feeling ok... and no longer embarrassed - it is something you have no control over (the pain or the crying).
Best of luck and love to you.
hi there,

I went through the same thing i think alot of women do
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