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I had my appointment with the midwife this morning, I am 36 weeks and 4days pregnant. When I saw the doctor two weeks ago I was measuring 33cms and this time I am still measuring the same. The midwife has organised for me to have an ultrasound on Wednesday just to check everything is ok with bub, but I am reall scared something is wrong. Has anyone else ever had the same thing happen? The midwife thinks that it could just be that bub has dropped down, but we won't know anything until I have the scan.
Try not to stress to much, a different midwife may have measured differently!

With all 3 of mine I never measured over 34, even when I was past it. I don't really know about the reliability of the whole measuring thing...

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That happened with Layla. Nothing wrong at all, i had heaps more fluid then normal and she was a fairly decent size, just was measuring 2cms smaller smile Was like that from about 30 weeks!
yep i sure did, i measured the same in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy, and had weekly growth scans
i have always measured diff, pretty spot of for the first half, then not so much for the second half, on wed she was happy that i was measuring 2 cm further, because each time i went there was only a small change. but like she said to me it doesn't matter to much on the measurements cuz if u are a smaller person you obviously just don't have the room for a large uterus, as long as there is some growth then it should be all fine

im short so there isnt much space but bubs is deff got a good size happening
Thanks girls, glad to hear from others that have been through the same thing.
Yep happened to me with Jayden. At 32ish weeks I was measuring about 5 weeks behind by belly measurement and was sent off for a scan to check his growth and size

Whilst they determined he was a 'smaller' baby he was within normal standards and was told all was A-OK. He ended up being 6lb5oz born at 39 weeks which is still considered a 'healthy size'

My dr said that belly measurement can have a lot to do with how the baby is sitting at the time too
I had this too.

At 29 weeks I only measured 23cm. The doc referred to me a specialist and they did some scans and decided bub was fine. Since then I went back to my regular doctor and have had growth scans every 2 weeks just to check that bub was still getting bigger each time. At my scan last week bub was over 6 and half pound so I am guessing will be around 7ish pound when born - Its due today so we'll see very soon hopefully.

Try not to stress, Good Luck for the rest of your pregnancy.
{{{big hugs}}} I know it won't matter how much we all tell you not to worry you'll still fret. But from the sounds of it, it is pretty normal.

But I'll try one more time lol - Don't worry, everything will be fine I'm sure of it!

Thanks girls, it seems that this is more common that I first thought. But your right Juddsmum I will still worry until I see bub at the scan on Wednesday afternoon and until bub is born on the 19th when I can hold him/her safely in my arms and give a big cuddle. They did a trace of bub while I was there and that was all fine, so maybe we are just having a smaller bub this time.
Hey! When you are later in pregnancy, midwives can find it hard to judge where to measure from, so they just go by what they think. Different midwives may measure differently, so I wouldnt worry too much. But hopefully the ultrasound reassures you!

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