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Waters Breaking Lock Rss

I wrote a post earlier as i woke at 3 am and had period pain though i def dont have my period! so it was more like a contraction, then i had them again at around 6 wen i woke up then again at bout 9 ish... but i am now wondering i just read a women said her waters broke but it wasnt a gush it was just a trickle? well lately i have been trickling out without even noticing ... when it happened i just felt it going down my leg... so wats goin on? or waters breaking means a gush.. i am sooo confused

i can offer no advice because i am in the same boat!! i never had my waters break before on their own it was done in hospital!! i have been 'leaking' & wonder what is going on???

Zali, Adam & Jack!! Watch this space for news on

YOu should call your midwife. I've ehard that in a lot of instanses they tell you to put a pad on and come down to the hospital so they can check the fluid in the pad to see if it is amniotic fluid from your water breaking. Pretty gross, i know.

If you are unsure.. just give your OB or Midwife a call.


I dont know wat to do, it was last night i got outa the shower and and i didnt even notice till i was about to get into bed and i was naked but then i didnt feel it like a wee didnt notice till i felt trickles goin down my leg and on the bed had wet patches? I been getting period like pain, with some mild tighting of the stomach with it.. baby been moving a bit today ... unless the baby has turned and become engaged i do not know! he still feels in the same position! my mum is comin over she is worried. i am so not at all lol is it normal for first time bub to come early? i still got 4+ weeks to go

You should probably get seen by an obstetrician. They can order an ultrasound to check the AFI (fluid) levels and see if you are in fact leaking.

Yes you can leak slowly - I did for 3 weeks, and 11 hours before my baby was born, she had more fluid in her bladder and stomach than she did around her.
You are supposed to replenish amniotic fluid levels, they are said to replace itself - mine didn't.

Put a pad on, and get it checked out. Give your maternity ward a phone call, explain to them that you think you are leaking amniotic fluid, and you have been having period pain, ask them if they would they mind if you came in to have someone look at you. It will give you peace of mind - which is the most important thing. you need to tell them everything I have put in bold

Babies come at ANY time whether it be your 1st or 10th child.

My first was 5 weeks early - spontaneous labour, He was absolutely FINE and healthy!
The other 3 between 10 days and 3 days early.

get yourself checked love, it cant hurt!
Better to be checked and find everything is well...
Good Luck love - you may be a mum sooner than you think!
[Edited on 29/09/2008]
Ok thanks for that, see how i go. its not that i leaking alot and often...
what happens when ya baby still breech and if i was to go now. i dont thnk my baby has turned. he stil feels in the same place...

Differently agree with mumto3boys,1 girl.

I posted in your last post good luck with everything.

you can vaginally deliver a breech baby, the Dr may be able to manually turn the baby (through what seems like a deep massage of the tummy, not an internal thing)
- you may be surprised to find that baby has turned - I have had 4 kids, and with 3 of them I had no idea what position they were in.
If you think you are leaking amniotic fluid you need to talk to and see your doc or midwife. Pop on a pad to catch some fluid, they will be able to test it and also examine you and bub to see if you are in labour.

All the best.

My waters did they same, I woke up one morning and felt a little bit wet (thought I had peed myself) but then it kept happening just a little bit every time I stood up. I was induced that evening as it is not safe to leave bub inside for to long once yoou waters have broken as bugs can enter. Good luck.

I agree that seeing the midwives/doc is the thing to do. I'm glad you posted that. I wasn't quite sure what they meant by a 'trickle'. Now I know! Best of best of luck x

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