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1st time and excited!!! Lock Rss

Hi, my names Lindsay and im 20 years old from Melbourne. My husband and i are expecting our baby girl on the 17th October. i would love to hear from mums and mums to be, because most of my friends havn't even thought about having kids yet so it would be great to hear from anyone to share experiences and well....anything and everything. Im very excited and cant wait to give birth (even though im pretty scared of going into labour) and seeing my baby girl, seeing her in the ultrasound was such a thrill, ive watched the video nearly a dozen times now. My email address is [email protected]
It would be great to hear from anyone!!!!

Lindsay, VIC

Hey my name is susie im 21 and have a 2 yr old daughter im expecting my 2nd in dec very excited well my daughter is more she loves 2 help mummy find baby things, i was also very scared as though at the start i had no support the father of her left me when he found out i was pregnant, but as i am very lucky now i met a great guy when i was 4 months pregnant he raises her as his own he is 23 and we r now expecting in dec, she sees her real father every fortnight not that she knows who he is as he also denied her 4 nearly a yr of her life anyways i hope 2 hear back from u soon i love 2 talk 2 anyone first time mums watever i dont mind i will talk

[email protected]

Congratulations Susie , so ur second is a girl as well? sorry to hear about the father but its great u have met a guy to help raise ur daughter. My husband has been very supportive and im very gratefull for that even though my mood swings are very unpredictable and hes usually the one on the receiving end, poor guy but he totally understands. So did u find it easy to cope with the baby in the first few months? have u got any advise???? yay im sooo excited. hope to hear back soon. Sorry i took so long to reply, ive been a little sick.

Lindsay, VIC

Hey thats kool that u took so long trust me i know wat its like being pregnant again! i find out 2morow actually (monday) so ill let u know im 20 weeks at the moment my daughters very excited helps me out when i go shopping she always wants 2 buy bubby things heheh, yes i had heaps of trouble even though my bf was here all da time she never slept a wink in da nite, except when she was in my arms or in bed with us which i didnt want 2 become a habit as she still hops in bed with us now, she also had heaps of trouble with wind she never brang it up so she always had a huge pain in da belly, its great 2 become a mum no matter how much trouble it is its worth it all, trust me my bf gets all da mood swings aswell the go through alot with us when were going through labor though, but i still wish they had some of the pain hahah anyways was great talkin 2 u again congrats and hope 2 talk again soon

[email protected]

Hi lindsay,
My name is Pina Im 26 from Sydney. My husband and I are also expecting our first child on the 5th of November. We didn't find out what sex the baby is we thought it will be a nice surprise after the nine months of waiting.Most of my husbands friends have either just had baby's or are due after me. But all my closest friends are just marred or living the single life, So Its all very new to me as well as them. We have almost finished our pre-natal class and have had a great time. We had a chance to look around the marternity ward and seeing all the baby's in the nursery brang tears to my eyes, trying to imagine who our baby is going to look like, how much hair on its head and having little hands and feet. We just put all the borders and pictures on the nursery wall, we are going with Peter Rabbit and friends seeing it can be used for both sex's.
Due to the birth I have to admit I'm a bit scared but not about the labur more if the docter has to cut me. Ive decieded to try and have a natural birth and see how I go If I can't cope than use gas or pethadine.
Have to go hope to hear from you.
Hi Pina,

I always thought labour and giving birth was something I would never be able to deal with. I can't wait for the next time now. If your doctor does have to cut you, you won't even know. Chances are he'll do it and you won't even be told it has happened (if you agreed beforehand to just do it if needed). For a few days afterwards you will be a little uncomfortable but you have just given birth. You probably won't even be thinking about it anyway, you will be so engrossed in your new little bundle of joy.

Good luck.

hey all the best with the new baby hey i have 3 kids 2 boys and one girl ages are boy 10,girl ,7 and a little one is 1 year old labour is somthing you will never forget but it is the bast thing one earth good luck hun
Thankyou for your kind words. People tend to tell you what can go wrong and how much pain you can be in. Thay forget to tell you about the joy of holding your baby in your arms and not even thinking about the labour so thanks..
Hi Lindsay,

I am 26 and am 14 weeks pregnant with my first as well, My Husband and i tried for 1 year to get pregnant and then gave up and it happened!!, i went through all the emotion s of being excited, happy , scared, worried and most of all is this the right time. I had a scan at 7 weeks becasue we didn't know how far along i was and i shed tears when i saw the little heart beat, that made it all so real, my last fisit to the midwife was 4 weeks ago and she put the monitor on and i heard the heart beat, that was pretty amazing as well. I had morning sickness for 3 weeks from the time i woke up to the time i went to sleep, i hated it and then it went away. now i am really enjoying it, i have completly gone off coffee, tea and milo, i can only drink cold fizzy or juice. It's funny how the body react's to particular foods and drinks.
hey lindsay!
firstly congrats on your pregnancy!!
how exciting is it? my name is amy-sheree, im 21 and my partner and i are also expecting, im 9 weeks and due around the 1st of october, im so nervous because ive heard that so many things can go wrong in the first three months but so far everything is going perfectly. doc says im as healthy as they come so everything should be fine. most of my friends havent even considered havind children yet (nor did i, but a nice surprise) so im finding it pretty hard to find someone my own age to talk to about all this. anyway my email is [email protected] it would be great to hear from you again and goodluck with everything!
Hi Lindsay,

My name is Tasha and I'm 22. My partner and I have a nine month old daughter and are expecting number 2 on the 6th/7th October. My only advice to you is don't be scared of the birth, it can go so many ways, but at the end of it you will get to hold your little baby. I hope you enjoy this experience!
Hi Lindsay

Congratulation! It's very exciting all round.

My name is Tarryn & I'm pregnant with our first bundle of joy. Baby is due around 5th July (though I'm sure she will work out her own due date in time!)

Enjoy the experience and good luck.


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