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irresponsible mothers!!! Lock Rss

some people just shouldnt be allowed to have kids.

Unfotunately,any idiot can have a baby-its how they behave once the baby is born that makes all the difference to the child in question.

Some people (like yourself), realise very quickly, what a huge responsibility it is to bring a new life into the world,and do everything in your power, to do what is right for the little darling.

Others, think that having a baby is just something to do,coz everyones -totally like -doing it!

I know one person, who is mentally challenged (to say the least) who is having her 4th child-yet she can barely look after the 3 she already has.

The partner is thick as a brick,and is in complete denial that everything will be ok (yet here they are, no money to buy nappies for their youngest,or buy food for their eldest's school lunch).

Each of the children have been to hospital at least once for serious issues (which couldv'e been avoided)- and im so afraid of what will happen once the new bub arrives.

I could go on and on,but long story short- what can ya do???

I just try not to think about them,and just focus on my own family. I cant afford to be stressing about things i cannot change,especially now that im pregnant myself.

Best of luck with everything,and good on you for doing the best you can to provide a safe and happy life for your little bub!

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Thought I would come back and just add something quickly - my first post made me come across as I ditched all my friends when I had my baby!

This wasn't the case at all, I am still very close with alot of my school friends and have even been lucky enough to have my best friend have kids at the same time as me also. I just used my brain and chose not to associate with the friends that were up to no good, or the ones that were partying 24/7. I remained close with the ones who stuck by me, and offered support when I needed it most.

And like someone else said, it did filter out the fake friends, and now I know who my real friends are and I am very thankful to have them smile

It breaks my heart to hear of mothers who don't take motherhood seriously, I took a girl under my wing for a while (she was a few years older also), only to have her throw it back in my face and I ended up getting caught up in alot of drama in her life. Some girls either don't believe they need the help, or wont let you help them and therefor have to learn the hard way. Unfortunate, but true.
Channen - I couldn't tell you how many times I've thought the exact same thing. I think some people see their children as novelties / accessories.

JEM - I thought the same things when I was preg with DD, your priorities will change pdq when you have bub.

At least I hope they do

I agree. I've dropped alot of my old friends because they're too immature. I don't understand some people. Especially those who drink (heavily) or do illegal drugs during pregnancy. I've never done drugs and have been 100% alcohol free right through my pregnancy. I think becoming a parent has its values, and to be one you need to understand what the real worlds about.

Take care all smile
Posted by: gibo

i don't think it matters what age you are, it's just there are people who are made to have kids and other's who should never have them.

Well said gibo...It makes me angry that some women don't adjust their thinking when they have a baby and the kids suffer because of this. I know someone that had a baby 4 months ago. She's in her late 20's but chose to look for a job 3 weeks after the baby was born and leave the baby with her mom. Get this, she doesn't need the money because she is a millionaire! I'm not kidding. How many people can buy their car and house cash??? Not me at least but she can. Also the father of the baby is a lawyer. The father chooses to see the baby once a week because he's too busy playing tennis, learning spanish and working during the week. While these two are busy being part-time parents the baby is left without any real parenting...I don't understand how ppl could still be selfish after having children...

For the ones that are smart enough to recognise what their duties are as parents i really applaud u..Channen i agree with u and the others-all mothers weren't created equally and we only hope they get a reality check sometime soon and start being good mothers.
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