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I am 14 weeks pregnant.

Most of my 'pre-falling pregnant' pants are tight fitting and I am starting to feel uncomfortable in them even though they still fit ok. I went to a maternity store and pants started at $150. Does anyone know of a reasonable maternity place withing vic
If you want something cheaper look in shops like Big W and Target. They both seem to have a good basic range. I bought a pair of maternity jeans with my first pregnancy and lived in them then and this pregnancy as well.
You will be due in the middle of summer so my suggestion would be to invest in a good pair of maternity cargoes depending on your fashion style of course.
Goodluck and enjoy your pregnancy!!

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There is a place on North Road in Ormond that has really cheap pants. I bought a pair of black adjustable waist bootleg pants for $39 and a pair of choc brown ones for $19. The advertise near the births secion of the Herald Sun every day. I think it is called Motherhood something and it is like a factory clearance place. Everything is really reasonably proced (ie tops $20-$30).
have u thought about a belly belt? I have one and its great,

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You can get a belly belt which allows you to wear your "pre-falling pregant" pants all the way through as it has 3 different size belts in the box. I used one & had no need to buy "pregant pants" at all. Was able to wear all my favourite jeans, cargoes etc all the way through. Hope this helps.

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I found K Mart and Big W to be affordable for basic maternity clothes such as jeans and tops, especially at the beginning of each season. Now would be a good time as all the new summer stuff is coming out and thay should have a good range (before it all sells..). I then bought a couple of special things like a dress, nice top and dressy pants that were more expensive as I think it is a special time and it is important to feel nice. This way I felt good but didn't break the budget! By the end of the pregnancy you are so sick of wearing the same old things, it can be hard to feel 'nice' at the best of times, so try to treat yourself just a little bit, if you can.
even though i am not from australia, second hand shops come in handy, it means you aren't spending huge amounts on things you will only wear for a short time. also my theory for newborns.

i am definitely going to try the belly belt though, i love my jeans too much to give them up. smile

good luck

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Try looking for a materninty fashion outlet, I'm in brisbane and I know of a couple around. They have modern clothes that aren't very expensive. You want to look good while you're pregnant but why should you have to pay heaps for something you may never wear again right. Good luck

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