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Any hints on what to take to hospital? Lock Rss

I always imagined a nightie would be the ideal thing to wear in hospital but a friend mentioned that pyjamas would be more ideal. What do you mums think? And does anyone have some tips on what might be handy or useful to take to hospital?


Hello, PJs can be better only because if you want to breast feed they are easier to open. The other thing to remember is nighties can ride up in the night when you sleep, not the best for your modesty. Also just bear in mind what sort of birth you may have in case you have a drip etc so you would not want anything too tight around your wrists. Dont forget your maternity pads and breast pads. I found the old big old fashion grandma nickers in a bigger size the most comfortable for a few weeks, but that is just me.
This is the list our hospital gave us:-
Birth suite- camera, film, toiletries (soap,shampoo), nightware for after you have given birth, Glucose sweets(barley sugar),Drinks that you may particualarly like, Dad's shower wear( in case they have a shower or bath in the birthing suite), tapes/CD's, socks, pen, list of phone numbers of people to contact after the birth of the baby, reading material for early labour ( for him and her), Massage oils for massage or spa bath (lavender, clary sage and/or geranium).
Requirements for Postnatal Ward and for going home- Camera, Film, Toiletries, nightwear, dressing gown, comfortable clothes for during the day, note paper and pen, Maternity nursing pads (2 packets), Maternity nursing bras, Sanitary Pads (4 packets) "Night Out" outfit in case you and your husband might like a night out while the baby is still in the hospital (if your hospital does that), Address book for phone numbers of other mothers you may meet in hospital,clothing for both you & baby to wear home in, footwear. They suggest a dummy if you would like your baby to have one and disposable nappies as our hospital supplied cloth but we did need to have our own snappy nappy. They suggest for babies going home 2 nappies, singlet, outfit(depending on weather) and a few bunny rugs one for the baby and one to put over the baby in the car once they are strapped in if the weathers cold.
I wore the same maternity track suit home that I wore to hospital as I had a caesarean and still looked pregnant. The pants had a draw string so I just pulled them in a bit more. Dont forget the pen and paper as I found this really handy. Also lots of spare change if your hospital has the vending machines as not only you but your guests will appreciate this. If you dont have a phone in your room then a phone card would also be handy as most hospitals do not allow a mobile phone. A few plastic bags will also be handy to take home your presents in. Dont forget a few nice things for you like talc powder or hand cream as it is nice to pamper yourself.
I hope this helps if I think of anything else I will get back to you!
digital camera for your first photos of the baby you can take photos of your partner cutting the cord even the baby first born as well.

pack a dummie just in case

deedge VIC 35 weeks

Hi Super

I found t-shirts and trackies etc the most comfortable things to wear in hospital. I don't feel comfortable in nighties at the best of times - I always end up with them twisted up around my neck tongue !!! I also thought I'd feel better if I wasn't in PJ's all day - even though trackies aren't that much better - I wore my usual PJ's at night. You just feel heaps better if you have a shower every morning and get dressed. Everyone said to take front opening tops etc for breastfeeding but I find t-shirts much easier. As for everything else, the usual things - toiletries, maternity pads, breast pads, hairdryer, comfy undies (I bought a packet of cheap ones that were a couple of sizes too big which came in handy as I had an emergency c-section). I took heaps of stuff as I was admitted a week before delivery due to high blood pressure, such as crossword books, magazines etc but after the birth I didn't even look at them. Hope this helps.

Hi Super,

First of all I would like to say Good Luck with the impending birth of your baby.

If you are going to breast feed pyjamas are a lot easier as you only have to unbutton, unless you have a nightie that unbuttons. Definitley bring a camera with you, if you want to use dummies, then bring one of them and of course toiletries. I was told to brring clothes in too in case I didn't want to wear my pjs etc...

Well, thats all I can think of. Again, good luck.
Take Care

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

When I was in hospital I made sure that I was dressed in day clothes rather than in my PJs all day. I felt heaps better getting up in the morning and getting dressed properly for the day. Everyone said how great I looked too making the effort to do my hair and makeup.

Lee,VIC, 2mth baby

If you have nighties, make sure they open at the front if you plan to breastfeed. Take more rather than less clothes (or get your partner, mum, friend/s to wash them regularly if you, like me, hardly have maternity clothes and maternity PJ's). I guarantee you, that you will sweat alot of the fluid you have gained especially if you have an epidural (they pump fluids into you via a drip).

When I sent my husband on a mission to buy dummies as breastfeeding had become very uncomfortable, I was told by the hospital midwives not to give it to the baby for 1-2 weeks to avoid nipple confusion and other othodontic reasons.

And keep talc away from the baby. Talc used on a baby girl has been linked to cancer and also the small particles of any powder are unhealthy for the babies developing lungs.

The best way to make sure you take everything is by following your steps today and pack everything you use in way of toiletries in your labour bag. Don't forget to take a warm outfit for baby.

Daniella, Sydney, 15 month old

I did remember a few other things to pack for the baby. 1. Vaseline/petroleum jelly - this is very handy once the black poos start. Just put this on the babies bottom in as wide an area as possible as once the black poos start it will make your life so much easier. The black poo is so sticky and very very hard to get off the babies skin. The vaseline puts a coating on the skin so its much easier to get the skin clean. Your baby will only do a few of these but you will know about it. 2. Baby wipes, our hospital only used chux and water which I found a bit rough and not as friendly on cleaning up poos. It is a personal thing but we found the wipes much better.
Thanks everyone for all your handy tips- I'll take them on board. If anyone has more tips, keep them coming as I'm not due till July. I'd say you all pretty much covered everything but you never know what else someone might come up with.

Once again, thanks



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Hi There

Just thought I'd add a quick one....

Soft toilet paper !!!!

I took my own last time and was sooooo glad I did.

Carmel,Vic, 2 and counting...

Don't forget something nice for you to wear home. I didn't even think about that. Luckily had a fairly decent looking shirt to wear, so I don't look too scruffy in the going-home pics.
Also if you are staying in with bubs for a couple of days take heaps of baby clothes. Its amazing how often you need/want to change them!

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

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