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Blood Tests and a TERRIBLE OB/GYN Please Help Lock Rss

Hi gasp)

Unfortunately I have a very forceful OB/GYN who doesn't ask me or listen to my concerns - for example, she does and plans to keep on doing an ultrasound every visit! Next visit in a few weeks time I'm going to try and be more assertive and hopefully stop her doing this. My main problem is that I have a terrible phobia of needles and she keeps giving me blood tests to do. I have nightmares and trouble sleeping the week of the test, I can't sleep the night before, and if it is done I feel very emotional afterwards and just sick to my stomache! It's just really stressful for some reason - it's not the pain of the needle, as that's not that bad, I just don't know why I react like this. And I don't tink this is helping my unborn baby at all. I'm hoping to do the bare minimal in blood tests required but don't know what they are. If anyone out there knows what is absolutely necessary could you please tell me? That way I can at least stand my ground against this doctor.

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

Hi Mary Lily

That many tests doesn't sound normal to me unless you have some other medical condition your OB may be trying to keep an eye on.

I am nearly 25 weeks and have only had one set of blood tests so far, which I had early on to screen for everything like rubella, blood group etc. I just have to give a urine sample every visit which they test. I am pretty sure my Dr said the only tests I have left to do is a blood glucose test before my 28 week visit and then I think I get one more set of blood tests after that.

As far as I am aware you only have an ultrasound at around 12 weeks than 18 weeks and if everything is normal you don't need anymore. But my friend is seeing an OB and by 14 weeks she had had 2 or 3 ultrasounds so maybe OBs do things differently??

One thing my mum told me to remember early on is that it is my body and baby and don't feel forced to do things I am not comfortable with.

Good Luck with everything!


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

I had blood tests when I first cound out I was pregnant like Jo was saying, for rubella, blood group etc. then again at 28 weeks and 36 weeks. these ae called antenatal group bloods and are standard. I also had two Glucose tolerance tests which are not standard in pregnancy but related to sypmtoms I had (urinary trct infections and a big baby). Also a polycose is sometimes given around 28 weeks to check for diabetes, but should only be if clinically indicated ie. family history of diabetes, sugr in urine etc. Urine tests should be done every visit to check for sugar and protein in the uine which may indicate complications. Any other blood tests are unneccesary unless, as Jo said, you have a particular medical condition. Also IVF babies sometimes require more frequent blood testing.
As for ultra sound, this is also not neccessary, but is not likely to harm your baby. Some research suggests that frequent ultrasounds are linked to low birthweight, but I had four scans (8,12,18,36 weeks) and my daughter was 1 wek early and 9 lbs.
Heaps of information I know, but ultimately - your baby, your body, your choice. Ask your doctor to justify why you are having all these tests and then make up your mind what is best for you
Good Luck,
Emma, Maya Grace and Monalisa

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06


Both Emma and Jo are right. Unless you have some medical condition I would expect that you would have a blood test at the start of your preganany eg Hb, Group and Antibodies, rubella, TPHA, maternal serum screen etc and then around the 26 - 28 weeks you will have a Glucose challange and if this is abnormal then you will need to have a GTT. If you are a negative blood group eg O negative, you will usually have another Hb and antibody screen around ?32 - 36 weeks (can't remember exact time). I work in a path lab and that is what tests we see on our antenatal patients.

As for ultrasounds. I had one at 13, 19 and 34 weeks (last one because of my low placenta) with a sonographer. However my obs had an ultrasound machine in his room so he would have a quick look each visit. I actually enjoyed that part as I got to see my baby a lot.

Hope that helps.

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

Thankyou everyone for sharing your experiences with me!

Before the second ultrasound I did ask her about whether having so many ultrasounds was safe and all she said was that there's no evidence that it does any harm - and then just put the thing on mybump. She doesn't give me any good reasons and is quite abrupt. I have never been told to give a urine sample????? Nor does she feel my bump (like my family doctor didand you see on TV). Maybe she's just lazy and would rather just read blood test results or check the baby by ultrasound.

I'm having a normal pregnancy - although quite a bit of weight gain and a slightly underactive thyroid - which she's not concerned about (the thyroid) but does !hassle! me about the weight.

*Thanks to you* all, I'm going to only accept two more blood tests. I wish I could change doctors, but there's only one female OB/GYN here within 400kms. I recently had an awful experience with a male doctor and just don't feel comfortable at all with going to a male OB/GYN. But I'm just dreading my appointment this month to the point of tears gasp(

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

Hi Mary

surely not having all those terrible feelings is worth trying a male doctor!!!! I think regardless of sex a bad dr is a bad dr.

I am due in 11 (hurrah) and have a male dr who is very abrupt but not rude really and he hasn't given me any internals yet.

i think whereever you go they hassle you about your weight - mine certainly is smile but seriously sweetie the stress you are causing yourself is bad!!! Are there any friends local who have had bubs with a different dr? Try talking to the midwives at the hospital they might be able to reccomend a nice male doctor for you.

but if you are unahppy with her you have to change otherwise you are just going to feel worse and worse.

Anyway thats my 20cents smile

let us know how you get on


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

One other thing

surely they need to check your urine for protein?? I have to give a sample everytime.

Does she check your blood pressure?


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Pregnancy is supposed to be a special time for you, don't let your fears about your OB ruin it for you. Do ask for urine tests, this is painless, safe and very important for detecting potentially dangerous conditions like preeclamsia. The weight gain sholdn't be too much of a big deal. I do think it strange that she doesn't feel your tummy, this is matter of course for checking bubs measurements and position.
Is it possible to have a midwife provide your antenatal care? I don't know what the system is in Australia, but here I had a community midwife provide all my antenatal care, deliver my baby and provide postnatal care. I had an OB on standby because of bubs size and presentation but didn't need one in the end. Maybe this is an option for you. After all, if you don't trust your OB with antenatal care, how do ou feel about her delivering your child.
Ask lots of questions, don't be frightened too. I spoke with my midwife all hours of night and day when I was worried about this and that with my pregnancy, and she didn't mind a bit. After all, that's their job.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

your iron levels might be down i had blood tests every week sometimes they would take a few lots at once. fill three or four tubes up. they test for hiv and everything now. just ask what they are for. or CHANGE doctors

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Sorry about not getting back on, we've both (hubby and I) had an awful cold gasp(

My OB apointment is on Tuesday right after my 19 week ultrasound. I will definitely be asking her about the urine tests and why she doesn't feel my tummy. She does check my blood pressure. My last blood test showed everything was perfect except my thyroid was on the underactive side (only just) and she's not worried about that at all.

I had a terrible experience with a male doctor in the first month of this pregnancy and that with a past experience has made me very wary and uncomfortable around male doctors. If they didn't have a female OB/GYN I would move to a town that there was one. Unfortunately I can't get care from anyone but her if she's to deliver my baby in a private hospital (as I have private health cover). I can't do share-care.

However I will go to a female GP after the birth if I feel this OB isn't very caring.

My main concern was to find out the bare minimum for blood tests so she couldn't bully me into any more.

BIG THANKYOUS to everyone, you've made me feel less alone in all this and am so thankful to have discovered this forum gasp)

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

Hi there

Just read through all the posts and it reminded me of my last Ob I had with my daughter. What an absolute pig he was and how I hated going to him. Luckily I was able to do shared care and only had to see him a couple of times. He was also not present at the birth as I requested Midwifes only, and it was the best birth experience I could have wished for.
Mary Lily, just wondering if you really want this Ob at the birth of your baby, or can you change and go public and have Midwifes attend. Everyone seems to bag the Midwife program, but I am doing it for the second time and couldn't speak highly enough of it....Sorry, won't rabble anymore !!
One more thing though with the Urine tests. It is now becoming routine for Urine NOT to be tested at each visit unless other symptoms show up first, EG, swelling, High BP, baby size and movements etc.
Also weight is no longer routinely done.
Another thing.....your Ob may have no idea how badly she is behaving and may be very open to you giving her a wake up call.....she could just be in her own little world and very flat out and just doing things the way she always does as noone has spoken up. I would imagine that with the Insurance problems Ob's face, she would be wanting to check your baby out anytime she can and the ultrasound would take place of doing any stomach palpatations.
God, sounds like I'm sticking up for her but I'm just trying to work her out as well....
All the very best, keep us up to date

Carmel,Vic, 2 and counting...

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