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hey everyone,
i had little baby girl madison 2 months ago and im 18, its the best thing ive ever done and i love being a mum.My partner is 21 we have been together for 5 1/2 years and both very proud.
i started having contractions on saturday the 17th of sep '05' went to hospital and after a few hours they stopped.The doctors wanted me to stay the night as i had a heart condition and lived so far away from the hospital nothing happened until finally sunday the 18th came around but nothing still so they booked me in to induce me monday morning.was induced at 11am monday hit hard labour at 2 was very excited when at 6:05 madison was born with forceps and one push.
keen to go home bugged the doctors and went home wednesday 2 days later.The only bad thing was my partner wasnt allowed to stay over any nights in hospital.

simone,tas,17week old madison

any other young mums want to chat about there experiences

simone,tas,17week old madison

hi ladies i had a 31 hr labour started anzac day at 3.15am had my son normal birth at 10.14am the next day, i swear to god then i didnt want any more kids after what i just went through, but now he's 7months old and i'm pregnant with number 2,
i will have a few kids no matter how long or bad the labour is. it is a wonderful experience, my boy is so beautiful.
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