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Do it your self induction!! Lock Rss

Hey i was just wondering if anyone knew anyways that could help get labour started? I am 39 weeks pregnant and my baby is weighing at 9lb 4oz already, so i was just thinking is there anyway of helping labour along?


They say that a brisk walk may help and some people even say that they had sex to bring on their labour. A friend of mine her baby was 11lb 6oz. The biggest new born I have ever seen
Goodluck I hope you go into labour soon

Amy - Holly 05.11.02 (Baby #2 edd 01.01.06!)

I have heard that having sex also can bring labour on. We tried that but its so uncomfortable when u are big!!! U certainly don't feel very attractive!
With my first born, the day i was due my dr gave me an internal to see how far his head was down. 2 days later i went into labour and he was born in 4 hrs!!
Good luck it will happen soon.
Hi there jodie I feel 4 u I really do maybe some of these things will do it for you. I've heard that they can help with induction of labour.
*Acupuncture or acupressure (by a trained specialist of course)
*homoeopathic remedies
*nipple massage- one at a time by hand one nipple at a time 4 15mins each 3 times a day
*Semen of course- ripens the cervix
*orgasm- stimulates prostaglandin production
*keep moving- keeping upright puts pressure on your cervix
*visualisation- some people believe in the power of the mind (its worth a try huh)
Good Luck Let us know how u go. Quin

Mumma of 3.

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