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32 weeks... and curious... Lock Rss

Hi my name is Lodemai, I am new to this forum. I am 32 weeks of today. I have gestational diabeties, and I am on Insulin. Baby is currently 3 weeks bigger than he should be...
This past week i have been getting uncomfortable, everytime i go to the toliet I feel the need to push. ANd there is alot of pressure all the time down there, I mean it feels like baby is jamming my urine passage-way. Has anyone else had this...

I know about dropping, but to me this seems like more. Any advice you have would be a GREAT help. Thank you.


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The only thing i would suggest you do are some pelvic floor exercises. it sounds like u have alot of pressure on your perenium. practise stopping your wee half way through and holding it in for 5 seconds then go you know which position ur baby is in.???

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