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Burning Lock Rss

Hi everyone

im 35 weeks pregnant with my first child so everything is pretty new to me... i get a burning feeling in my tummy and hurts alot. it wont go away. Has anyone had or have the same thing? im wondering if this is normal?
i would be greatfull for any advice

first time mum

it sounds a bit like heart burn to me. if this is what it is then yes it is perfectly normal. if you are worried about it go and see your midwife/doc or at least give them a ring. i suffered from heartburn for the second half of my first pregnancy and it can be awful. try gavascon liquid that helped me. or milk shakes with lots of ice-cream (my personal fav). these wont get rid of the symptoms but they will help ease it a bit.

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thanks for ur help. i have told my midwife about it but she never said what it was and told me to eat yoghurt. i tried milk shakes as u suggested and it works. have about 2 day and i dont really burn anymore so thanks again for ur help

first time mum

I had a burning sensation the last 10weeks of my pregnancy and it wasnt heartburn it was from my bubs feet under my liver and stomach. try to eat small meals more often and drink heaps of water. not cold water tho. its better at room temp.
the pain was at the bottom side of my left rib just off centre. i did get heartburn aswell but it was a different feeling.

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