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Hi all, I have now had 2 scans that only took 5 minutes which worries me a bit due to the fact that with my other 2 children (9 and almost 5) the 18 week scan took 25 mins or so.

Heres the story so far and my Due date by dates is 19/07/04 (Know LMP and date of conception): We are trying for a VBA2C so due date is very important.

The first scan at 14 weeks due to bleeding - query miscarriage was only 5 minutes and felt rushed. The guy said best to come back in a few weeks and we will have another look. And he said I was due on 1/8/04. I said thats wrong and explained that I know my dates. He said baby is measureing at only 12 weeks and all babies are the same at this stage.

Spoke to midwife and she was not happy with this due to me knowing my dates.

Second scan same place and guy last Thursday when I was 18.4 weeks again only took 5 mins and said he could not see much due to baby laying sideways across my tummy and could not tell what baby is, and again said to coome back in a few weeks. And now says I am due on 25 July and he is sure making me 17.3 weeks. Hubby was peeved as had taken time of work to come to scan and to spend 15 mins in waiting room and only 5 mins of scanning.

Has anyone else experienced a similar situation.

I am thinking about going somewhere else for the next scan but will be a 20-30 min drive.

Keen to hear from you

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

Hi Chrissy,

While I cannot relate personally to your situation, after reading your post alarm bells went off in my head!! I think you need to go somewhere else for a scan and get a second opinion. Speak to your midwife or doctor and explain your concerns. Make your self heard! You have a right to be concerned with such contradicting information.

With my first baby I knew all the dates very accuratley as I had written everything down after having 2 miscarriages in a row. By my 18 week scan the sonographer said I was due 15 th December and by my dates (LMP) I knew I was due 9th December. I was told the scan is usually accurate a few days either side of your true due date. My beautiful daughter was born 10th December 2002. My date was closer than the scan date.

My daughter is now 14.5 months and I am pregnant with my second baby. I didn't note the dates this time because I didn't expect it to happen first time we tried... but it did. I knew that I had conceived roughly mid October last year, so working on that had a due date (Approx. 21st July). I had a scan at 8.3 weeks and was told due date was 30th July... for that is close enough. I just work on the basis of my baby will be born somewhere between 21st - 30th July 2004. I am due for my 18 week scan in just over a weeks time and look forward to seeing the baby and hopefully finding out the sex too.

My scans on average have taken about 10 minutes each and I was shown things on the screen and had them explained to me. I do however live in Australia... so I cannot recommend anywhere here for you to go.

I strongly suggest you get a second opinion and make someone explain to you and reassure you about what is happening with your baby. You have a right to know!!

Goodluck and I hope to hear from you soon.

Michelle :0

Is ther anyone else at the place you go to who can do the scan, this guy sounds like he doesnt know what hes doing, if there isnt anyone else maybe you should travel to another place, at least you will get a straight answer and a more proffesional scan, I dont know how they can tell anything from a 5 min scan anyway all mine took about 30 mins.

Hope it all works out for you


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Well to me it definitely sounds like he doesn't know what he is doing. Personally I would travel the extra half hour. I have had some brief scans (5 to 10 min) but that was the Obstetrician I was seeing just having a quick look on his little machine & checking the position etc, but I could tell that he definitely knew what he was doing & he always showed me and explained briefly. But at the hospital scans where they're checking out various things in detail then it should definitely take alot longer, unless your baby just happens to be in the perfect position & moves on request!

Good luck with your next scan!

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

hi well my advice would be get a second opinion even if you do have to travel 30 mins i had my first scan at 8 weeks and it took approximatley about 20 mins and then i had another scan at 18 weeks and it took 40 mins and they had trouble checking everything cause the baby was laying straight across and it wouldnt move they got me in all these different positions just try make it move in the end it did and they checked everything over.
i had several quick scans mostly as my doctor did one at every appointment but the ones at the scan place were about 20 mins or so

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I had 4 scans at 8, 12, 18 and 36 weeks. The first two were very quick as they were just to check nuchal thickness and my kidneys. I only ot 1 sheet of pics fom those. The 18 week scan took about 30mins and I have a video and about 6 sheets of pics from that,very thorough. The 36 week one was to check position (posterior) and took about 20mins with 3 sheets of pics. So I would be concerned at an 18 week scan that only took 5. The 18 week scan is supposed to be done between 18 and 20 weeks so is it possible that this idiot didn't do th ehwole scan because he was convinced you were only 17 weeks?
My LMP edd was 28 Feb and scn EDD was 6 March. Bubs was born 28 Feb.

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Hi again Chrissy,

I came back to see if you had replied...
Also I had my 18 week scan for my 2nd pregnancy last week and my little bundle of joy (a boy) wouldn't stay still. It took a little over half an hour and the guy doing the scan was really thorough. He showed me everything and explained in detail what he was looking at. I got a very positive feeling from my scan. All looks good and I can rest easy. I hope you were able to seek a second opinion or get a scan done somewhere else.

Best wishes,
Michelle smile
my first baby scan was a joy..... I went in for almost 45 minutes... there was no problems with bub,, i just had curiosity and the lady wanted to show and answer every question regarding the baby...... i had 2 more that went excellent,,, it made me compforted for how helpful they were......

Then baby no# 2 what a disaster...... the lady that did this one (excuse my french) WHAT A BITCH....... i was in there probablly not even 5 minutes she checked it and said ok you can leave..... WHAT????? is the baby healthy what sex is it, i have asked for my partner to view he doesnt know what is waht....... THE LADY ACTUALLY GROWNED!!!!!! pulled a face and said rudely ITS HELATHY and walked off!!!!!!!!
Ive never been back to that place my following one was done at another place.......

I am now on baby no# 3 i am 3 months gone and dying to get my scan done but all my doctors that i am dealing with (clinic and hospital) refuse to let me until 18 to 20 weeks:( its seems to be so different the way everything is run campared to the first 2 i want a scan now..... but am impatiently waiting.........

I really think you should take that 30 minute drive the good scan make it enjoyable........... the bad ones well you know what they do....... seeing your baby like that is meant to be an experience you should walk away 110% happy
Hi sorry i havent reply'd before now.

My midwife suggested we wait a bit longer before we went for another scan.

I am now 26.4 weeks and have a scan booked for tomorrow. My midwife said to ring and request I see the owner of the scanning place as he is brilliant. So thats what I did. She also said that as I have to see a specialist at approx 30 weeks he may so a scan to check the position of baby etc.

She is not worried about the babies growth or anything as my tummy is growing as it should, I am measuring correct for my dates, the baby is moving well and she can hear the heatbeat.

Will let you know how the scan goes

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

HI, had my scan this morning and it went great.

This guy (the owner) was so much nicer.

We didnt have to wait, we got seen as soon as we walked in.

Took about 10 mins but he was through with the important parts. Baby is fine no probs

Video looks good and we got a nice picture of the face.

Dates are funny, from the head baby measures at 16 wks 4 days (which is what my midwife and I say I am) Tummy measures at 16wks and Thigh measures at 15 weeks 4 days.

And we found out its a girl, so we are thrilled (I just knew it was).

I am so happy to finally have a godd scan in this pregnancy.

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

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