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im expecting my second baby and i have a 16 mth old daughter, my partner seems to expect so much from me (housework, baby ect) which im happy to do but i just feel like im invisable to him, i try so hard to be everything he wants but i just feel like he is so selfish he has hardly acknowledged that im having a baby and im 22 wks, im sick of doing it all on my own what can i do? i want to be with him im just sick of the crap. any advice?
You poor thing! Was your husband supportive for your first pregnancy? Maybe he is just worried about providing for your family. That and men seem to get ticked off that the women get all the attention when they are pregnant (what do they expect?).
If you have any family nearby, maybe you should go and visit them for a few nights with your daughter and let him fend for himself. Maybe he will realise how much you do for him and appreciate you a bit more. Partners seem to get complacent about being the "workers" as they leave the house in the morning and don't see what we as mothers have to do each day to keep a household running.
Apart from that, you need to be taking it easy at the moment and if it means staying with family/friends for a few days to put your feet up for awhile, then do it.
You can't make someone else happy if you are miserable yourself.
I wish you the best of luck and just know that I appreciate what you go through everyday, as does every other Mum out there.
give him a slap around the chops GIRLFRIEND! tell him to start helping!!! that was one of the worst things when i was pregnant with my little man, by half way my hubby wasnt even helping out. EVENTUALLY i had to say something and when i did everything turned around.
he now cooks a meal with out me telling him what i want, i just get the chicken out of the freezer and he makes what ever!
TALK ABOUT IT - its the only option, they have a 1track mind, and dont like to face problems... they also think you are always naging! so tell him straight out that your not doing that, you just find it hard and think that he should help out more!
you go girl! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

god there is more than just my husband out there who is like this!! First pregnancy he was pretty good but this second one he just seems less phased by the whole thing, particularly me!!! I have decided it is not worth my worry. I have a toddler who needs me and a baby eagerly waiting to meet me!

Sarah-Jane, Tas

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