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Hay i was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Since i have fallen pregant with my second child i have this fear that if i have sex before the 12 week mark that i will have a miscarige. i dont know why i have this fear as when i was pregant withmy first child it never worried me and we had sex right throuh. I have never had a miscaraige before so that is not am issue. I feel bad for my partner missing out (and me) but i cant brringmyself to it, anyone got any ideas as it is bring a strain on our relationship.

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my hubby and i did not have sex from 8 weeks until 14 weeks of my pg, ( i had a cvs and was really scared) just remember you can be intimate in other ways!!! if you know what i mean, if you are really concerned speak to your DR or midwife, thay wont care or judge you they actually get asked these ? more than you realise!
i think sometimes when we feel strange things like this it is our body telling us something it is possable that what you are feeling might be true(it might not) but i believe our bodies tell us when something is wrong or not normal we only need to take notice of it. i know that probly sounds strange but i know if there is something wrong with my body before a docter can find anything, for example i know at 1 1/2 -2 weeks that i am pregnant and it gets earlyer every time i have a baby and it won't show up on any test for awhile after that from my experiance though if you are going to have a miscarrage there is nothing you can do to stop it i have had 5 but i would talk to your docter about it and talk to you husband and tell him how you are feeling and take it from there
take care
hi there,
i am currently 22 weeks pregnant with my first child, i also had some fears in the beggining about having sex whilst pregnant. After reading alot of baby books and all types of information from the hospital and other avenues which all pointed to the indiction that sex during pregnancy is quite healthy and in no way harms your bub. In the end it comes down to personal choice for the hormones are raging may not feel like sex anyway. My partner and i are now having regular sex and i feel quite comfortable, but it did take me untill i was around 14-15 weeks to overcome my fears and although my partner became frustrated he was very supportive.
I'm 32wks and have had sex right through. I must admit we don't have it as much (so my hubby keeps telling me) but i think it just feels like we don't since we were having it so much when we were trying.

I was a little unsure at the beginning, due to the fact that i was terrified of miscarrying. Then at about 20wks i had slight bleeding - which i later found out was due to having sex. Although this does no harm it was a little scary, apparently because the cervix gets so soft in some women it can cause bleeding after sex.

Lately sex has become even more of a challenge, due to a belly getting in the way and some positions aren't very comfty, so i guess you could say that i've tried to keep my hubby happy by doing other things - that's one way to stop his moaning (or start) as he's never had oral stimulation so much.

I find taking more time to get into the mood makes it a lot easier on us and not so challenging. All those myths about women wanting it more while they're pregnant......who would have thought that we'd be the opposite.

Do what you feel is right smile
Hi everyone

First time to the Parents Exchange, and first time mom to be - 24 weeks.

Just want to say, good on you guys for having sex! Tell you what, sex (in any form) is so far from my mind right now. Nothing my poor husband does can get me in the mood - lost all my libido!

Does anyone else feel like this?



I actually had my midwife tell me that sex is very healthy whilst pregnant and in the last few months recommends having sex atleast once a day everyday to reduce the chances of an induction, since the gel they use for inductions is apparently artificial sperm!

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Hey Bron.
im also 24 weeks and i have no libido! haven't done from the start!! but i guess u could say its coming back slowly........very slowly!!! i feel quite sorry for my partner thoughZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Bron

Iam 15 weeks pregnant with my first child and I too have no interest in having sex... (much to my husbands disappointment)...

I have been told though that the further along you get the more you want it but I am not sure how much truth is behind that because I can't see my opinion changing on the subject.

I have read some of the other comments saying their are other ways to stimulate your partners but I am not even up for that.

Good to talk to someone who is experiencing the same.



I'm also in the no sex category! I can't bear the thought! I'm now 39 weeks and really looking forward to having my baby and eventually getting around to having sex again. I think we've had sex only twice during the course of my pregnancy - once quite early on after the morning sickness had passed and once a little over half way through.

I just didn't enjoy it because I had a belly in the way and could feel the baby moving - very distracting and just mentally gross! Fortunately my husband is really not keen to have sex either so we match and haven't had to argue about it! He just found it physically awkward due to the belly.

I'm willing to try having sex to bring on labour but my husband is really not keen and I'm not going to pressure him about it.

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i was also another one with the no sex rule, not because i wouldnt, i just didnt feel like it.

the only 2 times i can recall having sex was our wedding night (when i was 4 months pregnant) and when i was alsmost due to try and induce myself. my husband was very disapointed when i had an emergency cesearian because he had to wait another two months. he's gotten over it now luckily.

i havnt actually found anyone that haveing sex when your due brings on labour - i think its just an old wives tale, but some people have fun trying to prove that wrong.

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I think I must be in the minority here but I am 14 wks preggas and still love sex! this happened in my first pregnancy too as my hubby informed me that i was always wanting it then to! sometimes I feel a little uncomfy but never enough to put me off! We waited 8 weeks after i has my daughter as i had stitches but even after that time it still hurt like hell for a while, we are both not looking foward to the long wait after this one!oh well everyone is different! Hope some of you are getting a little bit by now!

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