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1st Time Dad's Lock Rss


I would just like to say YAY! & good on Steve & Paulas hubby's for being so excited (just like my hubby). I am happy when I hear of hubby's that want to talk & be a part of it all smile

I must say I have had a few chuckles at my hubby as he has experienced more cravings & stuff than I have, but what I found really funny was when he got a case of pregnancy brain & I got mine back at the same time (only for 5 days though, on our wedding/honeymoon).

Keep up the good work dads smile

Sydney, BJ born 28.01.05 CJ born 17.08.06

Hiya Kirsty,

I am about out the door to milk some cows - its 4:15am and in NZ at the mo its pretty cold!

Thanks for your reply. My friend is onto his 2nd child and they like had the attitude of 'just get it out', but with their first it was a differrent story. Who knows, perhaps it all boils down to the parents attitude.

Yes ....we are the 2nd 2 strangers and a Wedding couple in NZ. You are prying at all - we love telling our story. Both weddings have been successful - the first couple have been together over 5 years with two boys and we have been together since Oct o3 with our first on the way. Not sure why it has worked here and no where else, but I think the radio station did their homework well.

I had better go and get these cows!! Take care and have a great xmas.


Steve & Kersh

Wow, I didn't know you were the "radio couple" but congratulations both on the wedding and your up-coming baby! I have to say I think you are both extremely brave to enter the competition but its obviously been a huge success so good for you!

My husband travels overseas with his job a lot and had to go to the States and they drove around a lot so he took the book with him and read in the car (obviously he wasn't driving). I was really surprised that he got into it but I wish he would stop going on about how babies feed for 15 hours a day (I'm sure that can't be right - when would they sleep?) as I'm not all that comfortable with the whole idea of breastfeeding yet!

I will talk to him about coming on this site to talk to you directly about he's going through with the pregnancy although if I know him, he'll be too scared that I might read what he has said!

Have a great Christmas and keep up the good work with those cows (who will still demand your attention even though its a holiday)!

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

a boy hey, me too! We've got a debate over Braxton and Baiden at the moment and have 2 weeks to go. Putting them both together sounds horrid, so one of them has to go and we've decided Kye as middle name (at least we agreed on that).
As Jaidas mum said 15 weeks will fly by. Its the last 3-4 that take forever!!!!!!
Well good luck again and take care of each other. Em xx

Emma, 2 boys 1 on the way and still smiling

My hubby is 32, expecting 2nd bub.
when i was preggie with our first, i found that there was nothing for dad's to be... but they are just as important as mum's.
congrats, on everything too..

try going to

i know they have a place for dad's to be. i dont know about forums or anything, but they have penty of info..

and i hope you and your wife find happiness is having a bub..
Hiya Jennie, thanks for the website. I had a look in there and it was pretty good - some good info about feelings and emotions etc. I didn't see any forums, but then again it was a pretty quick look.

Congrats on the 2nd babe - hope all goes well.

We are both so excited about our first.



Steve & Kersh

Hi steve.. firstly congrats!!! smile

Nice to see a fellow father posting.. i'm very new to this forums myself..

If you want someone to chat to.. i'd be happy to help where I can..

You already have the best start to a family.. a solid happy loving relationship, and you're both over the moon.. i'm really happy for you both

I'm in a different scenario to you when it comes to relationships and contact, but fatherhood is universal.. and I can relate wink

Icefyre, Brisbane dad to Joshua (born 15-7-03)

Hi there,

Thanks for your message and offer of chatting.

Its funny to think what an impending baby can do in ones life - I used to be interested in cars and materilistic things, but now all I am interested in is ensuring that the little fella is looked after. My whole perspective on life has changed for the better. It seems with his arrival we have set financial goals and have more directions as to want we want in life. Its great. I'll write more later as the dairy shed is calling and I have to milk some cows.


Steve & Kersh

Hi steve wink

Yeah I know what you mean, it's amazing what being a father can do. Bet you can't wait for the big day!!

What part of NZ are you from? north or south island?

Icefyre, Brisbane dad to Joshua (born 15-7-03)

Hi again,

Yeah, we are both really excited but also scared about the whole event as its all new to us. I'm sure everything will work out well. Our baby room is looking pretty good and we have most things we need. I even replaced the light bulb with a low wattage one so it doens't blind the little blighter.

To answer your question, we live on a dairy farm just out of Timaru (pro Tim a rew, which is located in the south island. Its a beautiful place and we have views to the Southern Alps, though We have had some pretty shocking weather latley. We are normally irrigating like mad at this time of the year, but we haven't had our irrigators going for 8 weeks! Just too much rain. Its pretty cold again tonight, so Kersh (my wife) has hopped in a bath to warm herself up. I wonder what the baby is thinking.

I see your from Oz, but I didn't see where from. (Perhaps I am blind). At lot of our family is over there including my Mum and step dad who live in Brisbane.

Happy new year.


Steve & Kersh

Hi steve and Kerch,

i came across another site, i dont know if you have heard of it.

it's called.

to go to the forums you need to log in and all that, but i have personally been there and it's a good place..

hope you get time to visit it!
Hey steve wink

Don't worry.. fear is normal. But when we're scared we wonder if it's normal.. and that's normal. (have i confused you yet? LOL)

It's easy to over prepare a bit hehe.. you'll be just fine, it will come naturally to you as a father.. even if at first you don't feel as involved as the first 6months are usually primarily bonding with baby and mum (in my experience) and daddys time will come full bloom at 6+ (unless you're a full time stay at home dad)

wow that's cool!! my partner is from Christchurch. Hey if you want to email me privately.. the best email address to use is [email protected]

We are in Brisbane smile

It sure is a happy new year.. should be the best one yet!

Icefyre, Brisbane dad to Joshua (born 15-7-03)

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