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I seem to be okay first thing in the morning but as soon as I get in the car to go to work I start to get grumpy. All day little things bug me and I find I'm getting really angry for no reason. I've never been one to yell at people at work so instead I'm letting my frustrations out by kicking my rubbish bin and throwing paper clips (not at people though and they're not likely to do any real damage to the walls).

I'm also getting really clumsy. The other day I dropped a full 2 litre bottle of milk (it had the lid on fortunately and only split a little so didn't all gush out) and I keep dropping things and bumping into things.

Anyone else going through this? I'm 21 weeks and dreading another 19 like this!!!

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

I got very irritated by people when I was pregnant. And suddenly I wasn't afraid to let them know how much they irritated me. One poor guy I worked with wore the whole lot as I didn't like him from the moment he started and he just bugged me. I just kept telling the boss, in front of him, to put him back under the rock he found him. I was really nasty to him. So you're not the only one to be irritated by little things. And as for the clumsyness, it stays for the whole pregnancy and then some. I am a chef and worked 2 weeks b4 my daughter was born and the silly things I used to do!! I tried to fry an egg on a plate that was on the bench meanwhile the pan I was supposed to be using, was burning right behind me and i was wondering why the egg wasn't cooking!!!! And the next day while emptying the fryers I thought I better put the food orders in and left the fryers emptying and when I got back oil was everywhere. DER!!!
I just didn't have a sense of balance as i bumped into things that were miles out of my way.
Have fun being a irritable ditz.

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

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