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Britneys Stupid Husband Rss

In my spare time that I currently have alot of whilst waiting for bubs to arrive- I have been reading all the gossip mags... I know sad but the preggy books are getting a tad boring. But not getting off point, has everyone heard about Britney being up the duff again??? Of course everyone tabloid has their opinions but I was reading on the net about her husband that moron who thinks hes a rappper gloating about how her 'got her in the first week'- skyting about how he didnt have to try that hard to get her preggers again. Interesting I thought so I did a little more reserach on this guy and read some other stuff that hes apparently said and he sounds like a loser. I mean living off her money and fame- what kind of person does that make her obviously not to high in the standards department! Anyways just thought I would write about something a little juicy this time around!

Baby Due Soonish


i neva liked her in the first place but she has seriously let herself go

manda:) xx

DD may 03, DS oct 06

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