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When only one of you wants to know the sex of the baby Lock Rss

For some couples you either both want to know the gender of your unborn baby, or you don't. For others, it's not that simple.

What was it like for you?
I like to know I don't like secrets but each person like to either know or don't want to know me and my partner found out what we are having
I'm 14 weeks and we haven't decided if we want to know the sex yet. At first we were sure we both wanted to know just because we wanted to prepare everything properly and now, after reading that the results aren't 100% certain, we are thinking perhaps we will just wait as we would hate to deck out a room for a certain gender, buy books, toys etc for a certain gender and it turns out to be the opposite sex!

Still not sure though! We will have to wait and see how we feel when we get asked. smile
I'm 20 weeks pregnant with our second and we just found out the sex two days ago. We didnt find out with our first baby.

I think if you have no expectations or preferences when you go into your scan, finding out the sex is great as Ive already been able to get rid of baby clothes I don't need and start shopping for gender specific clothes and think more seriously about names. I feel like we're bonding smile

BUT.....if you were like us and went in thinking that you'd like one sex over the other, or even are just expecting one over the other, you may find yourself feeling let down or deflated if it turns out to be the opposite sex. We left feeling a little disappointed (if I'm being honest), but after a day or two to sink in, we're back to excited. smile I think it's okay to feel that briefly, many people won't admit it because it's not politcally correct.

Both ways have their pros and cons but I will say this....if you wait until your baby is born, its REALLY hard to feel any kind of disappointment when you are holding that baby in your arms. If you find out at 20 weeks, you may experience that briefly. But nothing cures it like baby shopping!!! smile
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