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Advice on a very rough toddler and bringing a new baby into the house Lock Rss

Hi everyone! ???? I need some advice.
I saw a friend I haven't seen in a while and my 13 month old played with her 10 month old, she let her son repeatedly smack her in the face with his toy or hand and she just laughed it off and didn't make an attempt to try tell him not to do it.
After this day my son has decided it's ok to do this to my partner and I, I'm due in December with my 2nd and I really don't like children doing things like that to their parents, when he first did it I got quite upset and yelled at him but he thought that was funny and kept doing it, I've tried speaking to him nicely and saying that it hurts mummy and that's not nice, he is 13kgs and very strong and smart and actually hurts when he hits us I just don't want him to think it's ok to hit everyone including the new baby.
Does anyone have any advice or a similar situation? To begin with I don't think he realised what he was doing but now he does it for a reaction..
Hi, my son went through exactly that at 12 months. It literally started on his birthday and I understand how much it can hurt. Initially I tried telling him off and it made the situation worse as he started doing it for a reaction. After a few days I did the exact opposite and every time he hit me I'd put him down and walk away or ignore him. That worked a lot better than telling him off as he stopped getting a reaction. We also did a lot of practising of patting gently (as he was also hitting our dog). Even now at 20 months my son give my husband pats every now and then we practised it so much. Once he had the idea of what was patting, if he hit someone we can tell him that we don't hit, we pat gently.
Thankyou for replying smile I got the same reaction getting cranky at him plus I felt he truly didn't understand what he was doing and there isn't much point getting angry if they don't know what they're doing.
Oh how adorable, I would much rather him pat us haha how did you teach him to be gentle? He is gentle with my sister in laws dog only rough with us.
Just lots of practise (on our poor dog and my husband). We would show him what to do and say things like "nice pats, she likes that" and then if he did it we'd say the same. But if he hit them we'd say no and he wouldn't be allowed to do it any more. Toddlers like to copy so it doesn't take long for them to get the idea. It took a while for the hitting to stop though.
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