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Unexpected baby #4. Rss

Hi mums,

I recently found out I am expecting number 4. It is a little shock to us as we had been careful. Grown adults I know.

My youngest is 5 and starts school this year. My eldest will be 8.
I'm not sure how I feel about this right now and if it is right for our family but then I could never have an abortion, ever. I would regret that.

Anyone else in these shoes? Also, I am 30, age doesn't bother me at this stage.
I was looking forward to maybe getting a job, saving for a house...
Hubby and I haven't been on best terms, yes this is his baby but he's been living with a friend as we have separated temporarily to calm down.

I am nervous to tell anyone, my family and also a couple of friends who have fertility issues. I think I will keep it to myself for a little while.

I can't get into my doc next week, need to talk to someone.
Wow, congrats with this surprise! I bet your kids will be excited when you decide to tell them! Don't feel like you have to rush to tell anyone - we chose to wait till 14 weeks with both of ours just because we wanted to smile How do you think hubby will respond - does he know yet? Good luck with it all and hope you stay well!
My husband knows and he doesn't really want the baby.
He called it mush and think it's not for the best.
It's devastating.
The kids have always wanted another baby in the house, I'm trying to be positive.

I have told two close friends.
Too scared to tell anyone ever.
Staying positive is all you can do and a great choice for you and your family. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy. I'm in the same boat with number 4 on the way, youngest is 3 and oldest is 7. 24 years of age with 3 little ones is tuff especially when their father that once was you're hubby constantly fooled you to use and abused you. That's just some of what's happened and all I have done was stay positive. I love my baby's so very much, would do anything for them and without them I wouldn't know what to do with my life. Baby number 4 is to my new hubby, 100% made for each other. Not saying it's a perfect relationship but we're happy together that's why we choice to have another baby. His got 2 boys from his previous relationship witch was a lot similar to my past relationship. We both have custody battles with our children just because our ex partners don't trust the other partner with the step children. My hubby is perfect around my 3, they love him so very much and I'm very blessed for that. If you've got the time and just enough money to live nicely then have as many children as you want. The bigger the family, the more flat out you would be but least it's never going to be boring from having all you're beautiful little joys around
Wow that's tough sad I'm sorry to hear your husband is being so unsupportive sad

I don't really know what to say, but just wanted to send you some great big hugs!

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

It's quite intense. I hope hubby will warm to the idea eventually. I don't feel it will change our financial situation in the immediate few years, the cost of children lies when they are older... And eat more, and grow etc.
I plan to breastfeed again as long as possible.
I am getting married in 2 weeks and we just found out im pregnant. I have 4 kids already and he has 3 kids already so the 'ours ' baby will be number 8... ranging from 5 to 21 yrs...very unexpected.....

I've unexpectedly fallen pregnant. The father went back to his ex wife without even telling me. I only found out when I told him I was pregnant! It wasn't planned and he isn't interested. On my case about aborting or adopting out, neither of which are options to me.
I already have a seven yr old. I'm fourteen weeks along. Can't bring myself to tell anyone, especially my parents. I know my mother will be unimpressed. I can imagine her reaction already! It's funny that no matter how old we get, we still worry about our parents reactions to our decisions and disappointing them.
I know i'm going to have this baby, but like you, I'm scared. Facing this alone terrifies me.
I'm so sorry that you're in your situation with no support.
You haven't told your mum yet?
I imagine we will wait until 12 weeks to tell as then she cannot say anything about abortion, but I'm sure she will anyway. That's her kind of thinking.

Hubby is getting better with the idea and has been more supportive and he says he will get used to it and will love it. I keep looking at my pregnancy test in shock as it still doesn't feel real.
I had a huge night 1 week ago and drank soooo much. Do you think it would be ok?
I also would like to have a scan, would I just tell the gp that I'm confused as it has been Xmas etc... Hopefully I will get ultrasound smile off to doc Tuesday arvo!

I know my kids will be ecstatic! I was about to enjoy my freedom as my youngest starts school this year... Not meant to be yet. I just think that people pay $1000's for ivf or adoption and some don't even get to do that so I truly am blessed with this baby.
I can totally understand where you are coming from! I am married with an almost 6 year old and a 7 year old who are 17 months apart. We had a surprise number 3 (am 33 weeks now). At the beginning hubby didn't want the baby - we had two beautiful healthy children and we were finally getting back on our feet. With both at school we thought we were home free! Obviously somebody else had other plans for us. We had a tough time deciding if we are to keep or not - I am 39 and was not wanting any more kids.
We went to the doctor to discuss our options and ended up seeing a councillor which more than helped put things in perspective. At the end of the day our fears where material and we did not have enough reason not to keep it. Hubby was very upset but came around once it was accepted this was going forward. Now he is almost excited and so are the kids. I would have suffered more of the after effects of abortion than having this baby. I just made sure we spoke to unbiased people about this who didn't tell us what to do but heard each side and let us decide on our own. It is a personal choice and you will cope no matter what road you follow - its a matter of having to. Talk to your doctor and get referred to a councillor. It made all the difference for us. Best of luck and good wishes.
I am really hoping this changes but now DH says he's not interested in the baby and showing no interest in the dating scan.
I've been called selfish. He's going to tell people that I set him up. Yeah mate because I forced you to!
I'm so emotional right now sad
Oh mama love I'm sorry to hear that. Sounds like he's going from hot to cold and back again! That's gotta drive you crazy. I can relate to the being called selfish thing. That's exactly what I'm getting from the father of my baby. I'm being told it's selfish if I keep it, even though he wants me to get rid of it because of his own selfish reasons. Go figure! I'm sick of his negative attitude. He even said he wants to just walk away and have nothing to do with it at all. It just messes with my head.
I still haven't told my family I'm pregnant even though I'm nearly fifteen weeks along. It's just too difficult so I'm putting it in the too hard basket. I wont be able to hide it for much longer though. At the moment I'm blaming my weight gain and belly on medication I'm taking! Guess I just have to face reality soon. In more ways than one.
Anyway thinking of you mama love. Just try and focus on yourself and your precious bub. Don't let his negativity drag you down. It's not worth it.
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