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Pregnant again Lock Rss

I had my 1st baby on 1st January this year and am due again end of November early December. I had a hard time with my son just the whole new experience etc. I am happy to be having another so close but also anxious about how to cope, can I love another? Will it affect my first?

Any advice from anyone out there that has had the same thing happen or living it now PLEASE PLEASE post some replies. I know later on when they are older it will be lovely as they will be close, I was an only child for 11 years so it can be a lonely world with no sibling. I am hoping to have between 4 - 6 children.

Look forward to any advice, suggestions and experiences.


Ari, QLD

Hi Ari ,

Im not in this exact situation , but a good friend of mine was. We all had our bubs Jan 2005 and she fell pregnant that march. She now has a 15 month old daughter and a 4 and a half old son. She too was a bit aprahensive , but she is doing great. She said a good routine is needed and she is lucky cause her daughter is so good , and is a wonderful sleeper. You will be fine - just give it time and like you said they will be great mates , are you planning on having all your kids really close , i see you want 4 - 6 . Goodluck - you will have loads of beautiful memories , id sometimes love a big family , but i dont think i could cope. Take care jess.
dont worry it will all be ok. the important thing u need to remember they are your kids , no matter how many. goodluck
Hi Ari

i am in a similar situation as you i had my first 25th september last year and i am due with second 17th september this year.

I know it will probabaly be hard when the next one comes to be looking after 2 bubs but i think it will be really good for them to be close in age like you said when they grow up.

Yes i am sure you can love another bub just as much as your first i know it can seem a bit daunting now but just remember what is was like when you first looked at your first and the love you had i'm sure it will be the same.

I think in a way it will be good for the first bub because they are so young i think they will adjust to having a new brother or sister really well. well i hope thats how it will work anyway and before they know it they will forget that it was ever just them.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

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