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sleep orgasm Lock Rss

Since i have been pregnant i have..... in my sleep about 6 times...

Happened to anyone else?

Harley's Mum - April 2006


it seems you are overdue. has this only just started happening? if so it may not be that u may be about to go into labour.

good luck with that smile


DD may 03, DS oct 06

hi there i have been thinking i was the only one this happen to. i do it all the time i'm 24 weeks but i'v gotta say i love it.

mummy 4 joshie loc mol mag Char Tess

hi i have a german friend stay over here and she is a midwife i asked her if sleep orgasm is a big think in germany she replyed what is that but sounds good im 2months pregnant but it hasnt happened to me yet.i will let u know

Liz,meibourne 8months

Yep me too smile
no complaints tho.. well except my partner is away so no outlet
not so much now but !!! on my mind a LOT too....esp 9-14 weeks..... would wake up feeling all warm and fuzzy wondering if it was real or not.. thankfully I have been sneezing a lot since i concieved so get a little tingle out of that.. I love sneezing and its the closest bodily function to the big O

yep happens to me as well... I am 16 weeks pregnant and it started early. It never happened with my first two. My husband was so jealous when I told him. ha ha ha ha. Enjoy them while you can.

Treena, QLD, #3 Due 29/5/07

Crazy, since replying to this post it has happened just about every night!!
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