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living with the inlaws..... Lock Rss

Hello my name is Dianne and i'm 28 and almost 41 weeks preganant.
My husband and i live with his parents and it driving me mental.
I can't stand the constant questions, where are you going, when will you be back, do you have any pain today.
I got back from my doctors appointment today and they told me i was getting induced on Sunday and am a little upset cause i wanted things to start on there own then go to hospital when it was all getting abit too much.
Anyway as soon as we stepped in the door the questions start what happened, what did they tell you, are they going to bring you back in.
I can't stand it i ended up going to our room the piece of privacy we have and even then she kept calling out questions my hubby said di as if to say come back and i said i don't want to talk about it, i'm trying to deal with the fact i'm getting induced and am not ready to talk to her yet...
am i been a complete bitch here ..
is any one else in the same situation...
would love to talk to you....

Mother to 2 beautiful kids.

your not being a bitch as you have to deal with how things are with your body. As most mothers will tell you ( i hope so anyway), we all have the ideal way in which we give birth. you saw that you labor would come on naturally, and the fact that this is not going to happen would obviously be very upsettinggor anyone.

I would suggest that you tell your inlaws that you need time to come to terms that you will not havethe baby the way you had hoped. It could bethe same way for those who have emergency c-sections, as they may seem disapointed with the fact that the birth of their child is not how they wanted it to be.

As for the living with the inlaws, i can totally relate as my mil lives with me, and when i gave birth to my dd she thought that she had the chance of raising the daughter that she never had. It was very upsetting when she did this, needless to say i soon put a stop to that thought.

Hang in there, as once the baby is born the questions will stop. and if they don't tell them that you are not happy with the idea that they constantly asking questions. I am sure that your hubby will understand and surely he will tell his parents to back off while you deal with the situation.

Good luck, and who knows you may end up with having your labor come on naturally befor this sunday.

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