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Thought I would share my dream with u all Lock Rss

I never dream and if I do I never remember them

I had a dream the other night that my husband and I had the most beautiful baby in the world and it wasnt just that we thought it was ,he was on the cover of all the mag's as "the most beautiful baby ever born "We were so proud

Until we got a phone call from Angelina Jole and Brad Pitt saying that they wanted to adopt our baby caus eeverybody thought that they would have a beautiful baby and theirs turned out realy ugly .

Of cause we said no but they would take it for an answer then the only thing I remember is Angelina chasing me,my husband our dog and beautiful baby through the streets of Brisbabe and she was in her Tomb Raider gear

Woke up very confused and had to wake hubby to tell him

any one else had stupid dreams ???????
I just remember when i was preg that all the dreams i had were so clear when i woke and knew every little detail still. Thats a pretty out there dream though. But apparently when your preg your supposed to have really out there dreams


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