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he doesnt want me back :-( Lock Rss

I have recently found out im 5 weeks (6 on sunday).
my fiance left me 2 (3 weeks next monday) ago.

i have just told him that im am pregnantand he pretty much told me he doesnt care.

i love him to bits and dont know what to do. i know that me stressing isnt helping at all.

Is it wrong for a guy to come back to a realtionship just because the girl is pregnant?

thanks for listening


Kellie~ DS Rylan Jonathon 24/12/06 Ezekiel Arthur

That is really horrible to hear did you and him break up before you found out you were pregnant? Do you think if you talked to him he would come back? Im pretty sure even if you dont end up back together the further along you get in your pregnacy the more determined youll be to make it on your own. I dont think its necessarlly wrong for him to come bak just because your pregnant but there would have to be a loving relation ship between you for it to work out! i hope every thing works out for you though keep in touch!! Im 17 weeks along and getting really excited!! We only have 3 weeks till we find out what were having!! Aslong as youve got support from friends and family youll be fine!!!!
If you want to chat my email is [email protected]:)
Hi Kellie

its not wrong to want him back because you obvisously still love him, but would you actually want him back if he is only back because of the baby and not because he loves you?

hope that helped, I understand bout what you mean by wanting him back though, I'm in a similar situation.

if you wanna chat my email is [email protected]

Bec xo

i nearly no what you are going thru im 4wks preg and my boyfriend shows no intrest at all.
ive came to the point i can raise my baby myself.

i really think you can do the same you sound like a really strong girl.

Just think at the end of your 9mths you will have this bundle of joy that will be your flesh and blood.

men will come and go but just remember your baby will be with you 4ever.

Its not wrong wanting him to come back but i truely think you will be ok here is my msn [email protected] GOOD LUCK. FROM CHRISSY
hi kellie,

im 11 weeks and the father wants nothing to do with me, hes not too keen on the fact theres a baby on the way and even wants a dna test. he ignores me most of the time.

if you want to chat that would be great as i have no one to talk to around here that is in the same situation as me.

my msn/email is [email protected], hope to talk to you soon.


Hi Kellie,
I was once in your situation i was 5 weeks preggy and the father was cheating on me i knew about it but i didnt want to leave him. He didnt really care about me or the baby. I was stressing all the time thinking "who is he with tonight" and i didnt need that its not good for the baby. then i woke up to myself and left him i moved away to QLD to start fresh with my bub and its the best thing i have ever done. My boy is 17 mths old now and i found someone else that loves me and our boy to death we get married in september this year.

You dont need that stress you have to think about that little bub growing inside you its apart of you. There are other guys out there that will love you and the bub. I have a losser and now i have the best guy in the world lokking after us and this is the happest i have ever been.
You dont need him back in your life you could do a lot better than him.

I hope that this has helped you a little just stop stressing and think of that bub he/she comes first in your life now. Talk soon

#1 17 mth boy ttc#2


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