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daddy 2 b thinks he can sit around and do nothing Lock Rss

im 17 and my bf is 18. he got a job in about february. he works weird hrs 5am till 2pm. and when he gets home he thinks he can just sit on his behind on the computer all evening.i hav to cook or clean(depending on which one mum does) and do washing, im gettin so stressed a came home from school today nd just sat on my bed shaking nd crying. he wont listen 2 me tho. sad any advise???
have you spoken to him about it?

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Hey, im 19 and i live in auckland. That is sooo not right. I think maybe he doesnt realise the seriousness of what your going to be going through because its not just a baby your emotions and body are going to change and you need to feel like you have the support of your partner as he is just as important in the situation as you are!!! And because your still at school youll be tired aswell!!! Tell him your finding it hard and you need to know his feelings towards whts happening!! You should be enjoying as much as you can coz its your first!!! If it gets to you too much honestly just think about what is going to make you happy if you have to lay down the law dont feel bad coz then he might think uhoh!! Have you spoken to your mum about how you feel? Hope it sorts out for you! Im 17 weeks along only got 3 weeks till we find out wat we having!!! I found it really hard in the first twelve weeks i was so upset and tired like ALL the time but i feel great now! Keep in touch!! and happy easter:)
My partner and i are a lot older than you guys and im 14wks now. My partner does not know what he is suppose to do and that life goes on as normal. He is still only coming to grips with whats happening and is good about asking how i get on with scans and doctors but dosent want to attend midwife appointments or doctors appointments. He is wanting to be very private about whats going on and wont tell a soul except family. Me on the other hand need people to talk to about this but i guess thats how i deal with most situations. Im really excited but to my partner he cant see a baby yet so has no idea of what to do. My biggest thing is he is staying as normal and im the one changing. he is still adjusting to the idea and cant see whats happening. Dont get me wrong my partner is excellent and will be a great father but guys have funny ways of dealing with things

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