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I dont know what to do help!!! Lock Rss

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and my bf is driving me crazy he's trying to give up marijuana and he's taking it out on me, he walked out on me just now for the 2nd time in 3 days I've just given up smoking so I'm going through withdrawals aswell and really want a smoke. Hel hardly talk to me I gave it up ages ago and it was hard but I didnt walk out. I'm lost and stressed and I dont know what to do! has anyone else gone through this???
i hav given up smoking and drinking same with my partner, but not weed but i know it can be really hard my man walked out on me countless times i think they do it because it feels as if were telling them to n face it guys hate being told what to do. whereas us girls are doing it because we have a lil bubs inside of us growin. theyll neva no how it feels but my partner n i worked thro it i let him walk then one day said if u walk out that door dont come back and im not letting u see our baby ever. it was harsh but he didnt walk out.

i only got two weeks to go in were stronger than ever. if u wana talk [email protected]

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he needs to stopfor himself and the baby, or throw him out. i had the same problem and made him is possible to stop. goodluck
I'm going through the same thing with my partner - he's been smoking it since he was very young (he's 34 now).

You shouldn't have to put up with his mood swings, BUT you need to give him credit for trying to give up. Be supportive and keep him occupied with something else - if he is busy with something else it will make it so much easier for the both of you.

He may be a pain in the bum to be with for a few weeks, but it will be worth it in the end.

Good luck!

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I smoked marijuana from 9years of age up to being 16-17years of age.

YES it is hard to give away but not that hard!

I lost a lot of friends, No i found out who where friends.......
If you want to talk or your partner wants someone to talk to let me know.

I've been around marijuana all my life
Ill help if i can

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I cant help with the addiction side of his reaction but for 4 very long years my partner suffered server depression and spurts of anger and we would fight and he would leave in a huff. Leaving me to fret and worry.

A technique he learnt when he was getting better and seeking help was to take the break he needed as the reason he was walking out mostly was he needed his space and his time to think it through.

BUT instead of just walking he would say "I cant talk now I will be back in half an hour" or what ever the time length was he thought he needed and he would take his time out. It really seemed to help as we were able to talk calmer when he got back.

Any way I hope that helps a little but I know its hard when they just walk out after an argument and say mean stuff......but try and remember men don't fight or sought out problems like we do.

So while he may react and say stuff or walk out you can almost bet that when he is calm and not in the moment that he would not say that or act that way.

The same can be said for us especially when our hormones are going crazy. And we tend to want to talk it out NOW rather then when calm.

I am lucky to say me and hubby have it all sorted out now and his depression is pretty much gone.........however from time to time he now has to deal with evil me who gets mad, sad or frustrated for no reason other then hormones.

I guess its revenge of sorts I don't mean that but try your best not to stress (I know if you hear that one more time you will scream) its the catch phrase for anyone who is pregnant "Don't stress its not good for the baby" but it is true and in the end it doesn't do anyone any good.

With the addiction I guess he could take a 12 step approach and just cut back gradually as its less likely to affect his moods and cravings. But other wise I don't really know what to say about it.

Maybe try praising him more for his choice to try and the end it has to be healthier for you all and it will save you $$ so he is doing a good thing and the support cant hurt.

Any way rambling again hope some of that helps. Chin up and just try focus on the positives happening around you at the moment.

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