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Hi everyone,
I have a step daughter who has lived with my partner and I for 9 months now. I am 25 weeks pregnant and my partner works away for 2weeks at a time. I am therefore left to look after my 20mth old son and my partners daughter.

Things between his daughter and I have never been real crash hot as she doesn't like to do anything I ask of her (such as normal things like tidy her room, set the table ) she's 10 and very capable of helping me but is very lazy and I think has the attitude that I'm not her mother so I can't tell her what to do. she has also said that to me once or twice and it really infuriates me! I am also much younger than her father and she someimes treats me like I'm her age not an adult with the way she talks to me.

Lately it has gotten worse and I'm constatnly in a stressful state and I don't think this is very good for my son or my unborn baby.
I have had a headache for 3 days now and have been feeling quite off and I think it's the stress of this relationship.
I have spoken to my partner but there isn't a lot he can do about it at the moment as he isn't around much and she is nearly as bad to him. We don't know what to do with her, punishment just doesn't work...what's she going to be like when she is a teenager... I think I'll leave home for a few years! lol
I'm just getting concerned for my unborn baby and all the stress in my body, can someone tell me how to manage better or if they have the same problem...
I'm also sorry this post is soooo long.
Thank you for listening.
Sorry to hear your problems. I have had a dreadful time with my stepdaughter, but finally now she is 17 things are starting to get easier. I think a lot of it is resentment. I had a son by another relationship when I married my husband and took on my stepdaughter. 3 years later we had our first child together and am near to having our 2nd. I have always been very close to my children but my step daughter has had a really bad relationship with her own mum and I think it hurt her to see my kids and I together - although we have never left her out and always been fair. She gave us hell a couple of years ago and ended up in care for a while, we did not see her for nearly a year as she would have nothing to do with us. I think finally she started to see sense and slowly realised what she had been doing. She has been living with us again for the past 5 months and has so far not been too bad, fingers crossed.
I hope you can sort out your difficulties and try not to stress, its not good for you or your bubs.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

i think i know how u r feeling. I have a step son that is neally 7 and it is really annoying in the way that when we have him if i go near scott which is my fiance i get given dirty looks and everything. His mother is also always ringing scott and rambling on about her family and stuff. But to us she has no need to be ringing for anything other than what is to do with there son. This causes many arguments between us because i am currently 28 weeks pregnant and she is currently 30 weeks pregnant to the man she left scott for so i feel as though she needs to stop wanting to know about our life and needs to worry about her own. Does anyone else have a similioar situation to this coz everyone keeps telling me not to stress as we lost a baby at 24 weeks in december last year but it is so hard when his ex keeps wanting to know everything. His son is also the biggest sook when it comes to going to bed he tries getting scott to sleep with him and stuff but i feel as though he does this so that scott isn;t sleeping with me coz when he is with his mother he sleeps in his own room without a problem.....i also can't get it across so scott's family that this is what is happening they just think that i am being paranoid and trying to take scott away from his son which i would never do as i feel it is important for both parents tio be involved in there kids lives......i really don't know what else to do..... can someone give me an idea...

Emma 19, Bailey Matthew 16/02/2006

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