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Hi, I am just wondering if anybody has any smart, interesting and different ideas on announcing that you are pregnant, second time around? It feels that it is more of an exciting occasion then to just say 'guess what, I'm pregnant again".
Interested in particular on ideas to inform dad and grandparents.
Thanks - Linda

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

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Hi linda,
It's really up to you how and who you tell, With this baby, our second, my fiancee knew before me, he had been telling me for weeks i was pregnant and i didnt believe him.
When i told my mum and dad i just rang them and said guess what? you are going to be a grandma/ grandpa again! I'm pregnant!!.
I get too excited to really think about it, I just tell everyone i see.
good luck with it all


2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

Hi Lindab,

I am 24 weeks pregnant with my second bub and we didn't tell family till I was about 14 weeks pregnant. We just enjoyed the fact that we had another baby on the way.

I found that when we did tell people it was a little bit of a let down as, although they were happy it wasn't the same as the first time excitement of a baby on the way.

I am just excited that we have another precious baby on the way and I know once "HE" is born all the family and friends will show their real excitment then.

Goodluck - Michelle

With our second we found some people acted really excited and others not so much, but once he was born everyone was over the moon.
We just told everybody second time round but with my mum I had just done a test before she arrived so i left it on the bench for her to find and she was so excited.

With our first my husband said to his family, have you got anything planned for June? They thought he wanted them to go on a holiday or something with us and then he just said because we are going to have a baby then. It took them a couple a seconds for it to sink in because he said it so calm just a part of the conversation. It was quite funny.

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

Hi mumof2,

I like the way your husband told his family about your first baby... it would have been quite funny I imagine.

You gave me a little chuckle... so thanks for that grin

Hello everyone and thankyou for your replies - I also liked the way mum of 2's husbands told his family - my husband said a similar thing with our first one - we had planned to go on a trip to the Solomon Islands in April 2003, but when found out I was pregnant and that my EDD was in April, we realized that we would not be going. So, my husband said to my parents and family (after we had been at their house for a few hours) said in a very 'off hand casual manner' "by the way, thought we'd let you know that we are not going to the Solomon Islands in April next year". Then he waited to be asked why. Then he answered "because Linda (me) looks like she has to be in hospital sometime around then". My parents was very shocked (thinking that something was wrong with me) and then my dad clicked moments later "you are having a bub!" Then they were all surprised and happy.
By the way, I am not presently pregnant, but am trying for #2. (actually would liked to have been pregnant by now as my little girl recently turned one, but, has not yet happened).
Just trying to think ahead for how to make 'the announcement' when it happens.
Thanks for your ideas, and will appreciate any more!

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Hi Linda,

When we found out we were expecting number 2, we held off on telling our parents for a couple of weeks. The first time around, they knew because they knew we were going through IVF. This time we didn't tell them about IVF so we got them around for dinner one night and then when we had dessert we brought out a cake. My son loves blowing out candles so we put some candles on the cake and let him blow them out and everyone cheered. My husband then said "Well it isn't a birthday but we do have another reason to celebrate" and then he dropped the news. They were shocked but delighted. It was a nice simple way to announce it and then the evening was pretty festive after that!

Good luck with TTC #2. I wish you all the best.

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to wish you all the best with trying to conceive number 2. Please keep us posted.

Goodluck smile

This one sounds pretty slack,,,,, but hey it happens

My father doesnt really have much contact with me so he only calls every now and then (my p's divorced when i was 5 - i live in a different state), he hadnt called me for like 18 months.... and out of the blew called me a week after my birth day -----
he asked me the usual questions "So what you been up too"
"Well two days after my birthday i gave birth to a baby girl:)smilesmile

he was gob smacked and didnt believe me .... but i think it taught him to call more often he started calling once a month after that:)smile

And just this morning my sister rang and was sounding pretty happy. she has been really sick lately with lots of doctors appointments.
I asked if she is feeling alright and if they found the problem.............
Her answer::::::
"Well i have a virus right the moment:::: i have to visit the hospital next week" "----ive noticed its seems to be going around alot right the moment---"
What what is it you have??????
"Its called PREGANCY"
hello everyone, well I have my own 'announcement' to make. I have recently found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant with our second child. We have been TTC since xmas, so, we are pretty happy with this news! By way of 'announcing' our news, I am thinking (i am not sure yet if I will) to my parents (who we are fairly close to) by helping my 16 month old daughter draw a picture. (Considering she does not even draw anything yet I suppose I will be doing most of the drawing). Anyway, the picture will be of our house in the background, then a pic of daddy, then of mummy, then of Jessica (our daughter). Underneath the pic of Jessica I was thinking of writing "Big Sister Jessica" . They will put two and two together and it will be their 'first' drawing from their grandchild.
Anyway, I look forward to chatting to other mums and mums to be over the coming months who will be expecting their babies at a similar time.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's wonderful news. All my prayers for a safe and well pregnancy! The idea of making a picture is gorgeous. My little ones loved glue at an early age, so maybe she can stick some things on like a collage. Just make sure she doesn't eat it! I once read about a woman who told her husband she was pregnant by giving him a basket of groceries and told him to have a good look. In the basket she had baby peas, baby corn, baby carrots etc. Thought that was a cute idea.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

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