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Post Natal Depression - Article Lock Rss


My name is Michelle and I'm a NSW university student/freelance journalist currently writing an article on post-natal depression for a university assignment.

Through my article, I hope to create a greater awareness of this condition which affects 1 in 10 new mothers. It is a condition that mothers need to be made further aware of so that, if they suffer it, they can seek help. I want to make sure mothers who have pnd realise that they are not alone - that it isn't a problem that they need to deal with on their own.

If there is anyone who has or has had post-natal depression, and would be willing to share their experiences with me, i urge you to contact me via email:

[email protected]

I will need your real name, age, suburb and state - but your surname will definitely be supressed in the article. I may need an address - to prove that you aren't a fictitious person to my teacher, but it is not madatory.

I want to be able to get an understanding on your feelings, coping mechanisms, support networks, whether body image was a contributing factor to your depression, etc.

If you express interest, I will send you an email confirming what information I need or will be using in my article - I may quote you directly.

All help would be appreciated smile

Michelle, NSW

i sent u an email, just waiting for you to let me know what u need and if u still need it smile

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