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If he refuses to be a father now, maybe he doesn't want to be a father at all?? Lock Rss

YAY AMBER!!!!! I am so glad you finally got the test results back! As someone already said though - we never doubted you! I hope Bodie can now get off his bum - and make an effort to see that beautiful little boy that he has helped create. He has already missed so much.I hope his family makes an effort as well.

Good Luck - chat to you on msn smile


Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say a really, really HUGE thank you to you all, especially Emma, Amanda & Marti. Your support has been amazing, and totally unexpected. I really did not think I would get such a wonderful response.
Even though I have had brilliant support here at home, to have your support has been just as meaningful, and I have made some wonderful friends on my journey with Lumpy - who became Aidan (LOL) and there is more to come I'm sure.
I'm not going to finish up here. Now that the results are back, there are relationships to build for Aidan, and rebuild for me.
I'm hoping that Aidan will have a great relationship with his grandies and his aunt, uncles & cousins, and eventually with his Dad. I still have faith in my ex yet. And even better is that when Aidan is old enough, he will get to meet his half-brother.
And I'm hoping that I will continue to have a good friendship with my ex's mum, and I still hope to reconcile with Bodie one day, and be friends again.
But I will definitely keep you all posted on what happens next.!!! This is not the end LOL

Lots of love & hugs to you all my friends, hope all is going well with you.

Ambs & Aidan xxxxxxxx smile

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

Oh Amber!!
im always here for you!!!! you are a terrific mum with a gorgeous little man, and i really hope that everything works out for you real soon!!!! I know it will!!!!

Love and hugs to you.

Amanda xxxxxx
Hi Amber,

Thanks for your reply. I have 8 weeks until my baby girl is born. I haven't spoken to her dad. He sent me an email to say he would be getting his daughter when she is born. We haven't spoken since. Thankyou for all your advice. I will follow it as you know what you're talking about. You are a very strong woman and i hope everything falls into place for you and Aidan. It is all very scary for me and it must've been for you too. I'm just focusing on the rest of my pregnancy for now and then on my little girl when she finally arrives. I think i'll wait until he approaches me before i do anything legally. Do you think that's best? i just want to save my baby from any stress and pain. I wouldn't know where to begin anyway. All that matters to me at the moment is that my baby is healthy and happy. If he wants to play games when she's born well bring it on i say. I'm a fighter and won't stop until i get what i want. Anyway Amber, thanks again for your reply and advice and also for your email address. You'll be hearing from me soon.

Hope everything is good with you and Aidan and i hope Bodie wakes up to himself. Everything will work out for you eventually and you deserve it.

Take care and be happy.


Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

Hi Jenni,
I would see a lawyer about custody just to be sure and just to put your mind at ease about the process if and when it does come. Chances are he's only doing it to scare you and using the baby to hurt you and really has no intention of trying for custody, but men will do anything to hurt us women sometimes. Depending on where you live there should be free community lawyer nearby that can help and give advice on what to do. I don't mean to scare you, but the last thing you'll want to be doing when your bub comes is be worrying whether he'll come and try to get your baby. You'll have enough to worry about. And worry you will.
I was petrified when the last of the cord fell off. I was screaming and nearly rang the ambulance as I didn't really know if that was what fell off.
Anyway, Just give it some thought. You know him better than I and could say what he'd do. Be safe and I hope everything all goes to plan.
To you Amber,
I have been following your posts and this story and I just wanted to pass on my congrats and hope everything is still well. but I do want to know, well what happens now. Is he going to try to see his son? Do you have full custody or is there another court case that decides that?
Anyway have fun

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

Hey there!!
My lawyer said that he rang Bodie and told him the news last Friday, and Bodie apparently asked my lawyer if he was 100% sure, and my lawyer said that it was the most certain that we could ever be. So, FINALLY, Bodie has agreed to sign Aidan's papers! Yay!

I got a copy of the DNA results in the mail today - its the same one that Bodie was sent during the week and I have no idea about all the scientific side of things but this is what mattered:

"the test results indicate that Bodie is the biological father of Aidan Taylor Clarke ... and the DNA evidence is 360 million times more likely if Bodie is the father of Aidan than if a man unrelated to Bodie is the bilogical father. The results analysis very strongly support Bodie as the biological father of Aidan Taylor Clarke"

Up Your Bum!!!! Cheers!!! wink

And now Bodie has agreed to sign the papers, I'm going to ask him to sign Aidan's birth certificate, which I'm hoping he will now.
Next up, the custody of Aidan. I'm filing for full custody so don't expect much of a fight there, and also, I'm half expecting Bodie to turn on the charm, and want to discuss a child support arrangement, which we had almost finalised when he had his hissy-fit. Will be veeeerrrrrrry interesting to see what happens next wink

Still no word tho from Bodie or his family. He's taking a little time out to tell his family and get used to the idea himself, so will wait for the dust to settle before I contact him. So will hopefully be able to update you all in a couple of weeks!!!

Love Ambs xxxxxx

PS: Havent heard from you yet Jenni. Hope everything is going ok for you!!! Write me anytime, remember that!! xx

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

Hi kookymum and Amber,

Thanks kookymum for your reply.

I'm 33 weeks pregnant now so i'm just going to kick along with the rest of the pregnancy for now. I don't need the extra worry at the moment. I will get legal advice when she is born so i know what i have to do. I had no clue of what to do before which caused alot of stress so you both have helped me more than you know. Thanks again for that. Hopefully i can help you both one day.

Amber, Sorry i haven't gotten back to you earlier. I'm so happy that everything is finally falling into place for you. You deserve it. You have been through so much already. Look forward to hearing from you.

Take care.
Jen. -xoxox-

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

YEH WELL I HOPE YOU LISTEN TO YOURSELF JENNI. just keep reading your own words

" i dont need the extra worry"

and make yourself believe it

Hannah is trying to get the dog. gotta go.

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

It's been a couple of weeks now and still no word from Bodie (as expected) and still no word from his parents.
I bit the bullet and emailed his mum. I HOPE Bodie has told his parents - I'm sure he would have. I just told her that I hadn't been in touch yet because I thought they could use the time to talk to Bodie, and that I'm happy for them to come and see Aidan when they are ready to. But if they have changed their minds, then I'd accept their decision.

I'd be soooooo upset for Aidan if they do decide not to see him, and I hope Bodie doesn't have anything to do with that. I'd kick his butt into next year if I found that out!! I can't stand the waiting around part, and for all I know, they've probably been waiting for me to contact them!! Guess I'll soon find out.

My Mum is home on Friday afternoon, after being away in Ireland for 6 weeks. She's dying to see Aidan!!! She will get a huge shock, as he has grown HUGE since she last saw him. Am looking forward to seeing my Mummy!! I think we'll get to spend all next week with her too, before she heads back to Wellington again for work I think she has to be down there till Xmas before she's home again permanently, so will have to carry on with seeing her every fortnight till then!!

I have splashed out on a bottle of wine this week, so might drink it on Friday night!!! Hehehehe, I think I deserve it!!!

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

Congrats Amber, not that I had any doubts in your honesty and therefor the results. I hope everything progresses in a positive way from now on. I'm glad to hear your the mother of another huge boy. Ezrah is always months ahead of the rest too - except in saying mum. He calls me Ba or bum or sometimes Tan! But never Mum. Oh well, i've been called worse.

The meeting with his other grandparents went better than I expected. They really didn't want to see him for very long - I think they just wanted to check him out. But at least it was civilised. Ezrah's dad was not mentioned at all. I think we all knew it would turn into a bad thing if that subjected was discussed. I still have not heard from him in any direct way. We receive no maintenance - which is how I like it because I know that it would only bricg his violent ways into our life as he would rather hurt me that help out in any way.

Anyway Ezrah and I are happy and well and our life is simple and good. I couldn't ask for a more sensational son.

I sincerely hope things go well for you. Think happy thoughts!!
Hey Tanith!!
So great to hear from you. I'm glad things went well at your meeting! I hope its the start of something positive for you and Ezrah.
I havent heard anything from anyone since I got the results, and the longer it takes the more disheartened I feel. Its not like Bodie's parents to not behave like this. So I might have to pluck up the courage and go and see his Mum soon and find out what the story is. It's so annoying, after everything I've been through with them. But, if they are going to be nothing but negative towards Aidan, then, he can definitely do without that.

I wish it could be better news, but oh well. Aidan is doing really well and he is beautiful and healthy and I just love him more each day.
Oh, and Aidan said his 2nd word this week .... "car"
LOL he loves that word says it all the time!!!! Its so cute!!

Hope all is well with everyone!!! And as I said before, great to hear from you Tanith!!! Ive been wondering about how you and Ezrah have been doing!!!

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

Hi Amber,

Hang in there. Everything will turn out in the end. Just have faith and don't lose hope. They are the ones missing out on Aidan. It must be hurting them too. Goodluck to you.

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

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