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Keeping Fit & Healthy during Pregnancy


Muscle soreness

Hi ladies, Is anyone else finding that their muscles are taking extra long to recover after exer...

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Hi, I'm interested in finding out about your views on Pilates during pregnancy. I'm 14 weeks pre...

3 replies

I currently do pilaties and plan to until 30 weeks. My instructor is pre/post natal trained and gives me all the different moves fro...


Snow skiing - when do I stop during my pregnancy?

I am going to be around 23 Weeks at the start of the ski season. I have been trying to find out ...

6 replies

I discussed skiing whilst pregnant with my OB. His advice was that it was alright provided that I kept my heart rate to 140 bpm and...


All the foods i dont usually eat

Hello all, I have recently found out i am pregnant and i am struggling with nausea and tiredness...

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The cravings are probably your body telling you that you need these foods. Don't worry about the weight. Honestly I put on 3-4...



OMG, i don't know what else to do. I am 17 weeks preggas and have the most red raw lips that...

5 replies

Try Lansinoh - yep, the nipple cream! It's 100% lanolin and works miracles on sore lips.

anthea b

pregnancy vitamins ... what is the best?

after i first found out i was pregnant i started taking the blackmores pregnancy and brestfeeding...

11 replies

I've been taking the Nature's Own pregnancy tablets since July last year (before we were TTC) and they've been very e...


Pregnancy yoga / pilates in Adelaide area

Hi ladies, Any Adelaide mums out there that know of a pregnancy yoga or pilates class that is he...

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Glucose test - is it safe?

I have 11 days to go (granted first timers are late or so I have been told) and my midwife told m...

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Thank you for the replies. He is possibly a wee bit small but he is happily pointing down (about 3/5) so she wasn't worried abo...


Pregnant Models

Hi Everyone I'm currently looking for pregnant models if you, or anyone you know may be int...

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12wbt and pregnancy

hey ladies i was thinking about doing the next round of 12wbt and was wanting others opionions. i...

3 replies

yeah i might just wait till the following round thanks ladies


Cant Keep anything down

hi all, i am stuggling to keep anything down, everything i eat i have been bringing back up. I h...

1 reply

Drink apple juice. I suffered terribly with hyperemesis and I found that apple juice was easier to keep down than water and if I did...


Pregnancy and netball

Hi ladies, Just wondering if anyone continued to play sport, particularly netball, while pregnant...

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Thanks ladies. I haven't played since finding out, also due to the fact I have ZERO energy and I'm so sick! I haven'...


No energy

Ok so I am a fit person I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week and I am now 7 weeks with twins and h...

10 replies

Although you're feeling really tired and your body is working hard it's important to keep up some activity. Resting too m...


Overseas travel during 3rd Trimester

Before I was pregnant I booked an 8 day holiday from AKLD to MELB. I will be 33 weeks into my pr...

5 replies

Looks like I might go... last holiday before my little one arrives... Thanks everyone

Miss WTD

Cream out of a Can

Can I eat cream out of a can (like dairy whip stuff) if I'm pregnant? I can only find info o...

2 replies

I checked on the can and it said "ultra pasturised" so that sounds good. Thanks for your help


Diagnosed with gestational diabetes 33wks

I was diagnosed today with GD. Though I was eating crappy foods, have gained an excessive amount ...

6 replies

I was diagnosed with GD really early on, I think around the 3 month mark so I have been watching my diet and checking my glucose lev...


Weight Gain

Well hello! This is my first forum (ever) so hopefully I'll get the hang of this quick!!!! I am 1...

5 replies

Congratulations on your pregnancy We have lots of information on pregnancy Nutrition and Exercise on our site, which you might be...


going to the dentist while pregnant?

i am 4 weeks pregnant and have a rotten tooth (gross i know) but i need to go to the denist as th...

6 replies

There is some practical information on going to the dentist during pregnancy in our Pregnancy and Oral Health section which may be ...


Very overweight and wanting to lose a few kilos... how to when pregnant?

So I'll be brutally honest.... I'm 140kg, 26, only JUST pregnant (about a month in, due in June I...

13 replies

Have you checked out our Pregnancy Diet Guide? There is some great information in there which you may find useful.

Miss WTD

Slimmer's Choice Natural Unsweetened Yoghurt

Does anyone know if Slimmer's Choice Natural Unsweetened Yoghurt is pasteurized? If it's not past...

1 reply

Cool thanks Dani +1


Way to announce for baby #2

Sooooo, we are needing idea's for baby number two!! We will be 12 weeks in February, Valentine's...

11 replies

I saw a cute one on FB... they had shoes all lined up (in age order) with a sign with their names propped against them for the Mum, ...

PLANT based Omega-3

I'd recommend a combination of Krill oil (Natures Way is a good brand) and plant based omega 3's ...

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Definitely NO soft Cheeses Ladies! Listeria Outbreak!

It's only one brand and they've been voluntarily recalled, there is absolutely no need to throw o...

1 reply

If anyone is interested in some additional reading, we also have an article on What To Avoid During Pregnancy


Belly Bands for support - worth it?

Hi ladies, I am currently 6 weeks pregnant with my second baby. With my first I has muscle separa...

3 replies

Thanks ladies, I see my GP in a week and the OB after Christmas so I will see if they have anyone they can suggest.


Hormone imbalance, itchy belly and pressure???

Wondering if anyone else is having similar symptoms? Im 33 weeks today and at around 24 weeks i w...

3 replies

I have had really bad itching since quite early in my pregnancy, but it is all over itching and not just on my belly. It is called ...


Bragging Rights

Jumped on the scales today for the first time since my 8week antenatal appt. At that appt i was 9...

7 replies

Lots of healthy eating recipes and pregnancy exercise tips on our site too


Any nurses/medical ppl want to take a gamble?

I am so sick of the ED here. If one more person tells me to just take panadol and get some rest, ...

5 replies

If you're worried get checked! If you're not getting enough oxygen then neither is your baby so don't sit around wondering if they'l...


Prenatal Yoga classes in Redcliffe Qld???

Hi Ladies, Im wanting to begin prenatal yoga, does anyone have any suggestions or any idea of whe...

2 replies

Thank you I will have a look



I am currently waiting on blood test results to confirm my pregnancy (Yay get them next week!!) b...

1 reply

Thanks Ladies!! I'll wait till I'm back at the GP's next week - I'll take them with me so they can see the ingredients list! & w...


Herbal Teas Are Go!

Just been to see my herbalist and she has advised me that the following are PERFECTLY SAFE to dri...

4 replies

We have some general information on our site on fluid intake during pregnancy, for anyone who is interested


what not to eat

Hi can anyone give me a brief list of what foods I can't eat. Also is it ok to drink Soy milk whi...

12 replies

Have just seen my herbalist on Monday, and she offers the following advice: 1. soy milk is fine for you in moderation - you may onl...


Retching when cleaning my teeth - any tips/suggestions?

I'm one of those lucky people with a post nasal drip (which means my sinuses are always infected ...

2 replies

Thanks! Checkup with dentist on Monday went well. His advice: brush (and floss) when I can - which is usually 1-2 hours after eatin...


Pregnancy Week by Week Information

During my pregnancy I have follow various resources to know the particular week Information.

2 replies

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things in every woman’s life. Though it is wonderful, you and your baby will undergo through ...


weight gain *huge sigh*

Currently pregnant with my first child (25 weeks) and the whole weight gain is getting me down. H...

12 replies

Congratulations on your pregnancies ladies If you are interested in reading a little more about pregnancy weight gain, take a look...


Lunch help

Hi ladies. I have a meeting to go to in a week and since the food they serve there is less than p...

3 replies

You might find some inspiration in the following article, which has some great pregnancy recipes and diet tips. Best of luck


Pregnancy Massage? Can anyone reccommend somewhere in Inner West Sydney?

Hi All, Just started my second trimester and really need a massage. Can anyone reccomend somewher...

1 reply

Have you seen our Pregnancy Massage article?


What to drink when nothing stays down

Hi All, I am just over 9 weeks pregnant with my first and have had bad morning sickness (morning...

10 replies

I ended up going to the hospital on Friday night due to vomiting that much that all that was coming up was mouthfuls of blood. Fortu...


Gestational Diabetes... Rising BSL

Im starting to feel really depressed and deflated every time i think im getting on top and stabli...

1 reply

There's detailed information in our gestational diabetes section, which you might like to have a look at.

pidgeon pair

Good pregnancy exercise dvds??

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can recommenda good pregnancy exercise DVD? Mainly for toning. I'm...

5 replies

If you haven't already checked them out there are some great exercise tips and videos on the Huggies site Pregnancy exercise section...


What is your daily meal plan during pregnancy?

Hi girls, Im curious to know what everyone is eating, and how much you are eating!

8 replies

Don't forget to check out our Pregnancy recipes and diet guide for great ideas to keep eating healthily throughout your pregnancy!