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Hi, just wondering what everyone uses for cleaning the bathroom while pregnant, as some chemicals can cause harm to unborn bubs. I've just finished cleaning the bathroom and my cleaners smell pretty harsh so I'm a bit worried about using them when I'm pregnant. Any tips/recommendations would be great thanks!

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I use my DH to clean the bathroom!! LOL

We use domestos on the toilets and shower and bath... but now I make DH clean the bathrooms so I don't have to.

You could try a combination of white vinnegar and water 50:50, and add some tea tree, lavander, and orange aromatherapy oils....

Anything hard to clean, some bicarb soda mixed with orange aromatherapy oil (just a few drops) and water to make a paste...

I have also started using eco gloves. They have been really good, you can get ones for the kitchen and bathroom, and they are great to use with less abrasive cleaners like natural stuff...

I got a book from the sydney essential oil company that has heaps of really good mixes for all sorts of cleaning stuff thats all natural.

But I still like the idea of using DH to clean!! lol
Coles have a brand called Cinderella cleaning products. Really bright coloured spray bottles about $5 a pop with no nasties in them. They use essential oils and are biodegradable so kind on the environment, kids n pets.

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Chemicals are gross to smell when pregnant aren't they....let alone having the worry of what they might do to bub. I try to minimise tha chemicals I use in my house. I too use natural products like vinegar and bicarb soda at times, I also use gumption especially for my bathroom. It is not harsh to smell, and I sometimes wear gloves.
My mother in law also sold me a stack of Enjo products- cleaning mits and chamosis type things that you use just with water. They are pretty good to use....but quite expensive to buy.

If you can get hubby to do it instead......go for it!!!!
I am now 38 weeks pregnant- and have been letting the bathroom go for a few weeks simply because of the chemical smells and the bending required. My tip is to get your partner, mum, sister or a really good friend to do it for you. My husband ended up helping out and did a wonderful job. The best cleaner I have used is a Ajax foam in a spray can. You just spray it on, leave it for 2 minutes, scrub with a scrubbing brush, leave for another 5 minutes and rince it down with water. It does smell a bit- use exhaust fans and open a window. However, DH likes how easy it is to use without using too much elbow grease, so he is more likley to do the job for me!!! Once you get beyond a certain point in your pregnancy it is much easier to ask for help rather than slipping in a bathtub, or knocking your self out with fumes- the next job on his list is the oven!

I like clorox, but it isn't safe for baby, so I now use MADE OF organic multi-surface cleaner. It is a new organic baby product line and also vegan and gluten-free.
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