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constipation!! Lock Rss

Help! I have been so very lucky, no morning sickness, nothing untoward, only the terrible constipation which has made me so very lethargic and sluggish. I am a first time mum and am only at 12 weeks and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. I used to be regular as clockwork, but now unless I take something like metamucil each day, I go to the loo every other day.
Does anyone have any herbal suggestions? ANY info would be gratefully appreciated.

kym, wa, 1st time

Hi kym&craig. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I was lucky as I didnt suffer from this during my pregnancy. I have been told drinking heaps of water will help this. You could also try adding bran to a breakfast cereal or try eating prunes or drinking prune juice. What I have since learnt since having a baby is we have to have enough fluid to keep the stool moist to help it go through our bowel to help us do number 2's. The longer it is in the body the moisture in the stool is drained back in the body. This of course makes it very hard, dry and cause constipation. So its a catch 21 problem where we are chasing our tails(parden the punt). We cant go so the stool gets harder causing more problems blah blah blah. Just be careful with some herbal products as they are NOT suitable for pregnant women. I hope this helps. Good luck!
Hi & congrats! I didn't suffer during the pregnancy but what has helped me in the past is licorice from Darrell well as avocado..& of course lots of wholemeal & fluids...The licorice and avocado sounds funny but I did read about it somewhere!!
Good luck & if possibe try the natural foods rather than the herbals as some are not suitable & you need to be careful!
Hello again I forgot to mention that constipation is very common in pregnant women. This is due to the progesterone levels in your boy rising which relax your intesines muscles. Dont let it get out of hand or you can also develop piles/haemorrhoids which are also common in pregnant women. I havent had them personally but I do know a few people that did. If you are still having problems just ask your Dr for more advice. Oh the other thing I was advised was to exercise as this also helps your digestive system work. As I said earlier I didnt suffer from constipation when I was pregnant but I did after the caesarean, so I do know how you feel. I hope this helps you.
my last post should read "levels in your body rising.........." not boy. Sorry!!
Hi Kym, I found exercise really helped, particularly walking.

Helen, Vic, first baby on way

Hi kim, Please listen to all this advice because I had constipation since I first got pregnant. When I was 3 months Igot fissures [tears]. It wasnt that bad but I never really did anything about it. When I was 8 months pregnant I got hemmorroids I brought some anusol wipes and they went away.
When I was in labour I got so many hemmoroids when I was pushing that my husband told me my anus looked like I had broccoli coming out of it.Yeah like that made me feel better. I got laser treatment done at the hospital.Then I got fissures again. Istill have them now my son is nine months.
It makes me cry everytime I go.I have tried everything now I have to have surgery. The one thing I cant bring myself to do is to drink over a 1.5 L
So drink as much water as you can dont be slack like me. Goodluck.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Congratulaions on your pregnancy smile

Unlike you I never suffered with constipation, however I drank a lot of water and fruit juices and ate a lot of fresh fruit with my first pregnancy. I am pregnant with my 2nd (only 8 weeks) but I have the opposite problem... my bowels have become sensitive and I go (number 2) a few times a day! (What a lovely thing to share with you all)... smile anyway my doctor has always told me fluids, fresh fruit and vegetables, bran and exercise will combat constipation. I hope you find some answers and become more comfortable soon.

Just one last thing... avoid foods that bind you up, for me it is too much dairy. Moderation is the key.

Goodluck with your pregnancy and may your next trip to the loo be a bit more pleasant smile Michelle

I see you posted this a while ago, hopefully your problem is solved, but if lots of fruit and greens, drink as much water as you can handle and add bran to everything!

I do all these things and I still only just manage to go regularly. I did get a craving for licorice at one time when I was starting to wonder if I'd ever go again. I didn't realise that this was a laxative until I suddenly had relief from the constipation!

Bran is really easy to add to stuff (you just a coupel of teaspoons to food, such as pastas, milkshakes etc, you can't taste it.


I found if you buy a tin of pure Pear Juice and drink it by itself or with apple juice seems to help relieve constipation! My husband is a nurse and they use it all the time at his work and they all swear by it!

Best wishes!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

100% pure apple juice is the way to go!! This also works for kids, and if diluted with boiled water, is a great remedy for constipation in babies. I ate a lot of fresh apples while pregnant with all 3 of my kids, and never suffered with constipation at all. Good luck with the rest of you pregnancy.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi there I am 25wks through and find constipation a big hassle, I didnot takeanything for it herbal or medicinal, its the water intake, I drank up to 4L water a day and found that really helped me, the more I drank the more regular I became some days are worse than others but as long as I drink I find that I do ok and those fingernail marks on the walls went away

nearly there

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