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I have just discovered that I am pregnant again and was wondering about what other people have been told about foods not to eat. Are sports drinks OK to drink?
Hi Roxby, Firstly CONGRATULATIONS!! What great news !. I am not too sure about sports drinks but the foods I was told to be careful of were oysters, processed meats ie ham & salami, raw meats (they should be very well done) this includes pork and chicken (dont forget sausages), kangaroo, soft cheese like camembert, pates, unpasteurised milk or honey, ready made coleslaw-pasta salads-potato salads, chilled convenience food like the ready made salads in the plastic bags in the supermarket, offal ie kidneys, liver & brains, raw eggs,caffeine, food additives like sodium nitrate (reacts with the haemaolglobin in your blood which will reduce its oxygen carrying power), monosodium glutamate(can cause dehydration and headaches) which is the number 621 on the back is pretty bad too. Avoid places which have buffet style foods ie Sizzler or Chinese as they have heaps of bugs that are very dangerous for pregnant women. If you have a cat always wash your hands after patting it and do NOT come in contact with cat poo, so be careful if your gardening etc. Get someone else to clean the litter box. This is to avoid the toxoplasmosis parasite which could seriously harm your baby. Just be sure to cook foods until they are piping hot ( to kill any germs) and avoid reheating in the microwave. Reheat food thoroughly only once and then throw it away. Avoid dented and rusty tins, and dont risk any food that looks or smells as if it might be off or going off. In general I guess the main thing is to use common sense to eat fresh and natural foods which you have prepared yourself. Always wash all fruit and vegetables before you eat them to remove any pesticides. Oh dont forget to take folate, this is very important. No doubt there are probably more so hopefully the other ladies can help us both out. Once again congratulations so dont forget to take care of yourself, drink heaps of water and get plenty of rest.
Hi Roxby
My theory (pregnant with my 2nd due 2wks), is eat everything in moderation & from a reputable source. i.e. if you want to eat the soft cheeses then do it just don't buy it from the strange guy at the markets because it's cheap. Ham etc is fine if it's also bought & cut fresh, the same with all the other things you may be told NOT to eat. Life goes on & many babies have survived from their mum's eating much stranger things than the "Scary" things eveyone might tell you about. ENjoy your pregnancy & eat in moderation what you feel like - just not too much.

Mum 4 1/2 boy & baby girl 12 months (on Dec 21st)

Tracey Mc,

Good on you smile I am pregnant with my 2nd, only 8 weeks and was dreading the whole "its not safe to eat that, or that, or that..." I agree with you so much. I think you need to use common sense with what you eat and try to eat fresh, because fresh is best anyway. But who wants to spend 9 months worrying about what they eat? Not me. I naturally avoid what I call dodgy foods anyway, so this time around I am going to enjoy my favourites at Christmas in moderation!!! Thanks for making me feel a whole lot better smile Michelle
Hi Mums sorry if I have stressed you out by stating what medical experts advise on foods to eat or not to eat. I was not saying this is what you should or shouldnt do but simply answering a question. I guess I was and would be sticking to theses rules as this topic personally touched my life. My sister in law who only eats healthy fresh organic foods was unlucky enough to have eaten something that made her sick. She got sick after eating at a 5 star restaurant which had an extensive buffet. It was her wedding anniversary present. She got over it but the baby didnt and was born with the bug. He now has permanent damage with numerous medical problems from no thyroid glands to a form of cerebral palsy. He is deaf and has had numerous operations on his eyes and is only 6 years of age. He can stand, sort of walk with help, say 3 words but that is about it. This progression has even amazed medical specialists as they said basically he would be a "vegetable". He will never be toilet trained or be able to feed himself. Of course he will never go to school, learn to drive, get married, buy a house or any of the lovely things we want our children to be able to do. They have seen many medical experts who all agreed the babies problems were due to her eating something. Had she sort medical advice at the time she would have been advised once it had been eaten and she was sick the ONLY option they would have be able to give them would be to terminate the pregnancy. They would never have done that regardless. She now travels with her son for over 2 hours each way 3 times a week to get specialist treatment not available in QLD. They have a carer provided by the QLD Deaf Society who cares for my nephew once a week to give them a break. They have even had to add another room to their house so when either parent sit up all night with their child they are not waking up the rest of the house. Both parents sleep in shifts to take turns of caring in the night. One sleeps on the lounge the other in their bedroom. Just to see a day of their life would be enough for anyone to stop and think.
To each there own I always say, we all have the right to ask questions and listen to advice, its your business what you decide to do. Its your life to live. But me personally if I can sacrifice a petty 9 months of my life to making adjustments to give my child the right to the next 80 -90 years of a healthy life, then I am all for it!!!
I agree, I think you do have to be very careful but you can go overboard, but me I try stick to do's and don'ts as much as possible, I will not touch ham, but I will eat tinned leg ham if I really want ham. I think 9 months of watching what you eat is definatley worth it.

Although it can be difficult as I found in the begining, dont eat salads sat under lights, does this include every single lunch bar in town when ordering a salad sandwich ????? I think you need to use common sense, if the salad looks like its been sat all day avoid it...

How easy is it to get an upset stomach from eating chinese or something... just think if it can make us sick what can it do to our unborn baby.

Listen to all the advise and do's and dont's and use your own common sense.


Lisa, WA, EDD 1st July 04

Hi Roxby, Im not sure about sports drinks. I got gastro when I was preggers, that was from eating Italion from a drive thru! My baby was born perfect but they were worried about me dehydrating from all the spewing.9 months is only a short part of your whole life and I think Its worth it for your peace of mind and for the health of your unborn baby.
Goodluck for a healthy pregnancy!

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi Lisa

I agree I think you do have to be careful. I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have had a miscarriage previously, so I am pretty careful this time around as I think everything is ok with my baby only I will be the one to do that damage. However i am not a paranoid person and am trying to relax. Things are going well.
Does any one know about vegitarian sushi rolls - obviuosly the raw fish ones I avoid but am I able to eat avocado or cooked tuna sushi rolls.


I would imagine that avacado is safe to eat as long as it is fresh, the same with cooked tuna. You should avoid pre-prepared foods that have been stored under lights, and foods that are not freshly made. If you make it yourself from fresh ingredients or have someone make it fresh for you, I am sure it would be okay... avoid raw meats at all costs and pre-made salads too. Goodluck
Hi everyone,
Ive been told not to eat mayo because it has egg in it and obviously not fresh, and sushi rolls have mayo in them. I used to eat them though as they only have a small amount of mayo. Has anyone else heard that you cant have mayo?

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi mishka,

I've never heard that you shouldn't eat mayonaise. The only thing I do know for sure is that if you eat eggs that must be fully cooked, no runny yokes. If they are fully cooked the bacteria in raw eggs is destroyed. I've been eating a little mayonaise on sandwiches... so I sure hope it is okay.

I agree, be careful what you eat, but use common-sense, otherwise you are going to struggle to find anything to eat! Maybe if there are foods on the the don't eat list that you can't live without (such as ham), do some research about why they are no-no's. Perhaps you will need to bake the ham very hot yourself to make it safe, for example. Ask your doctor why it is bad and see if you can change the conditions. For example, prepackaged salads are no-no's because of listeria risks, but if they are just salad leaves, you can thoroughly rinse them.

I would steer clear of any food I did not see prepared from start to finish. Sounds like a pain, but I think that for nine months it is a small price to pay for a healthy baby. There are ways around it being painful anyway. For example, at a BBQ, volunteer to make the salad - then you can eat it! Bring your own piece of meat/ chicken etc, as you know its 'history' (the host may have had theirs on the bench defrosting all day).

I have also found that on the rare occasion I have had take-away (lucky for me it was one of the things I no longer wanted), being honest with the person behind the counter and saying 'I am pregnant, I have to be really careful what I eat, can you please cook it fresh from the fridge for me' works a treat - in fact, you may want to use this tip after giving birth, take-away never tasted so good!!



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