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Morning Sickness all day long Lock Rss

I just found out that I am preganant with our 3rd child about 3 weeks ago, and since then I have been very sick, I can't even go out because I feel that sick. During my first three pregancies I did not seem to have this problem. I was wondering whether anyone had any suggestions what worked for them.


Hi I was just reading about this in a magazine I to have just found out I am pregnant with my second child. The article is about Ginger or car sick tablets will help with morning sickness. Try the chemist or herbal shop they may know more about it.
Good luck

Kylie & Jordan QLD

Hi Guys you poor things!!!! I too had all day sickness which lasted pretty much until 12 weeks and then I only had it on the odd day until around 20 weeks. I found the things that really helped me was to keep a packet of arrowroot or sao biscuits near your bed and do NOT get out of bed until you have eaten some of it. My husband is shift worker so I use to make a flask of tea and leave it beside the bed and have some of it as well. If you have someone who can bring you a piece of toast with a cuppa all the better. I found if I got out of bed before I had something to eat even if only to go to the toilet I would be sick all day no matter what I did. This was advice given to me from a lady who found this helped her years ago. It was a great tip. I also found if I sipped ginger beer during the day especially if I went grocery shopping it would help me. I use to drink the real one not the alcohol one. I also had some accupunture and would you believe the day I had it actually went out to lunch with friends!!! So that did work. They stuck the needle between my big toe and the next one. You can also get maxolon tablets from your Dr which are very safe to take during pregnancy.
It is terrible being so sick. I couldnt handle the smell of people or after shave/perfume or even their breath. Sometimes even there shampoo or deodorant was enough to send me off to the toilet. If they had been smoking or eating garlic or onion yyyuuuuuukkkkkkk. Grocery shopping was the pitts. The smell of the cooked chickens or hot bread...........a few times I had to actually walk out and leave my shopping behind. That was when I discovered the pre chilled drinks in coles either near the check out or near the sweets. They use to sell the ginger beer so I use to take just little sips to help. My husband cooked steak one night and I spent the rest of the evening in our toilet with the air freshener dry reaching and trying to get rid of the smell. Just remember if it gets really bad you can actually be hospitalised with it due to dehydration so try to keep your fluids up. I hope this goes really quick for you both and congratulations. Good Luck!
Hi Evelyn,

I found with my pregnancy it was the nauseous feeling all day that got me. I only ever threw up a couple of times and that was because I got too hungry or something smelt really bad.

I found keeping a packet of ginger biscuits with me was great. It went everywhere I did. Whenever I felt a twinge or got a bit hungry I munched on a biscuit. I also kept some nuts in a little container to nibble on something different, but the bikkies were the best.

There were certain things I couldn't stomach all through the pregnancy and baking bread or toast was almost the worst. Cooking mushrooms was another. I had no problems getting out of bed and toddling off to the bathroom before brekkie as long as I had my cereal straight after and started off with a good meal for the day.

Sometimes I thought throwing up would probably be better than the nausea all the time from when I got up until I went to bed, but the magical 13 weeks hit and that was it.

Hopefully, that's what will happen to you. Otherwise you will have to be very careful and watch Janeen's tips so you don't get dehydrated or hospitalized.

Good luck.

Hi everyone. Ange suggestion of ginger biscuits were really helpful for me as well. I forgot all about them. My husband reminded me I also use to eat green apples and tomato on sao. I forgot that as well. See you do forget all about this. I use to try to drink plenty of water to not only keep the fluids up but some women suffer from constipation during pregnancy and this is supposed to help that. Hope you are feeling better in no time.

You are a god-send. I was suffering all day nausea (8 weeks pregnant with my 2nd) and came here to read suggestions. I saw you mention green apples and I remembered being told with my first pregnancy to eat a peeled green apple. Well to cut a long story short... I had a peeled green apple and about half hour after eating it nausea faded! It has since returned but the releif it gave me was great. Thanks very much smile Michelle
I had extreme morning sickness (24 hours a day) until after 30 weeks. The thinks that helped the most were Lemonade Icypoles (the lemon flavour was refreshing and they numbed my tongue which seemed to help), ginger beer, salt and vinegar chips (these make no sense but I could keep them down), McDonalds Chocolate Thickshakes (I wondered if they were safe while pregnant but I could keep them down and I was loosing weight - wish I had that problem now.
Also try to avoid talking to anyone when you're feeling queesy - try to focus and get through it.
I also found out that I developed gall stones during the pregnancy and I have since been told that one of the first symptoms is nausea. Also had Ivf treatment to get pregnant so that didn't help either.
Good Luck,


Lucy's Mum

when I was pregnant with my first child, I had really bad day sickness. I was sick 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from 6 weeks until 13 weeks, when it disappeared as fast as it arrived. Unfortunatly, for me, nothing worked, and I was almost hospitalised as I had lost over 10kg. I tried everything, but the medication, as I did not want to be on pills. I was house bound, as I could not go anywhere without a bucket under my chin. I also suffered from low blood pressure, and use to faint. This wasn't good when you have your head over a toilet bowl. I once fainted, and came to only to find my arm stuck down the s bends of the toilet. I was glad I had not been sick on that occassion. Sleep was my only saviour, as I did not feel sick while sleeping. I tried to stay in bed, (my husband was very sympathetic, and helped as much as he could), and stayed out of the kitchen. The smell of any meat made it worse. I couldn't eat or drink anything without being sick. I was so glad when I woke up the morning I turned 13 weeks, and felt like I could run a marathon. With my 2nd pregnancy, I had no sickness at all, and my 3rd I had afternoon/night sickness, but not as serveer. I wouldn't wish being that sick on anyone. Good luck to all you expecting mums out there. I hope you can find something that works for you.

Mother of 3, Qld

Isnt it awful having morning sickness! Reading all these stories has just brought everything back! When you do feel better, for me it was 4 months later, you really appreciate feeling well. I had it 24hrs aswell. I was also living with my inlaws, which made things worse! My work had no sypathy for me and I wasnt allowed any days off. I worked as a beauty therapist and spewed up in the sink a few times and they never sent me home. I hated garlic, perfumes, shampoos, everything really! One time I had to sit at a different table in a resterant because my hubby ordered something with garlic in it!! So why am I wanting to go through this again? Im hoping it wont happen again! Dry biscuits helped a little and lots of little snacks. If I felt hungry it was worse. Goodluck on all your pregnancies!

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

I am 11 weeks into my second pregancy and suffered terribly, all day since week 6. In addition, I contracted a stomach virus which saw me hospitalised for 2 days on a drip. After coming home, I relapsed a week later. My specialist gave me a script for a new "miracle" drug for morning sickness called "Zofran". It's relatively new and a little expensive but you take one very 12 hours and, for me, it was a miracle! Obviously you need to discuss this with your doctor as it is a new treatment but thought I would share my experience.
Hi there I was very sick at the start of my pregnancy although numba 1 and Im 24 I found that I kept ginger snaps beside the bed every time I woke I had one I kept my tummy full all the time, The more I ate the better I felt, sometimes I would literally scoff my food quickly in fear of being sick, It worked wonders, so I say eat and be merry but go through all the foods, if you eat cereal and get sick try something else tomorrow, and so on until you find it mine porridge with dark brown sugar and my biscuits, good luck I hope your ok

nearly there

I feel for you, I'm 3 weeks into my second pregnancy and I've been feeling nauseas all day for 3 weeks, but I found that eating savoury biscuits and cereal bite type things have kept the queasiness at bay, it doesn't go away but it settles it down smile

Mum to Jess, 14 mths & next due April 05
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