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Hello everyone, who has a coffee addiction? My wife drinks coffee more than 5 times a day, I think that's a lot. She even ordered herself a coffee maker and all the necessary equipment for making coffee.
Hello. Don't worry so much. Abrupt refusal from coffee is stress for the body. In fact, coffee is only dangerous because it removes calcium from the body, as far as I know. And calcium deficiency can be replenished with nutritional supplements. Or try asking your wife to add matcha tea to your diet, many people switch to matcha and drink less coffee when they try this drink.
I make sure that I don't drink more than two to three coffees a day. I usually drink one in the morning right after getting up and the other two at work. I work in the cement industry and control the impact crusher of our firm. It is important to always be very attentive while doing this and coffee helps a lot! wink Have a look at the machine:
If you have already got pregnant then you should avoid drinking something like coffee! There is a lot of research on the side effects of taking coffee during the pregnancy period time. You could learn more through having a video chat with your partners around the world. By the way, you should visit your doctor and ask some relevant questions of pregnancy and foods that should be avoided!
She can reuse coffee grounds, reducing the overall amount of caffeine consumed
Reuse coffee grounds? Isn't it destroy the taste?
It depends on the quality of coffee used and whether you brew it correctly the first time. If the answer to both questions is yes, then the taste of the coffee will become just slightly less intense. But the benefits are clearly more significant than the slight difference in taste. Of course, it's not about saving money - because we are talking about high-quality coffee that cannot be cheap. But reusing coffee grounds will allow you to halve your caffeine intake, thereby reducing the burden on the heart and reducing the leaching of calcium from the body.
This is so difficult if you are really addicted to tea or coffee, especially during the pregnancy period time! Experts say that pregnant mothers shouldn't drink coffee, tea! This platform lets the people know how to get connected with wonderful girls who will help you! I hope you will not drink during your pregnancy time! All the best.
I understand you, as I also drink coffee a few times a day
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