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Herbal teas that are safe?? Rss

Prior to this pregnancy I was a coffee/tea drinker, but I am being overly cautious now that I am pregnant due to previous miscarriage, and drinking herbal instead. However, I just realised the Twinings "Lemon Twist" tea I am currently drinking has chicory root in it, which you are not supposed to have when pregnant! So annoying. I am so sick of having to think about every single thing I consume and checking ingredients! I dont think i was this paranoid during my first pregnancy. Can anyone recommend herbal teas that are safe to consume? I know peppermint is okay...

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Hey there, I am a big herbal tea drinker too. I used to drink coffee until I found out I was pregnant and haven't touched it since (and I'm now pregnant with no. 2).

Teas that I usually drink are Fennel, Nettle, Camomile, Rooibos, Peppermint, Lemon & ginger. If you go to a health shop they will advise you what teas would be best to drink and they have a huge variety. I know that Fennel tea is supposed to be good for milk production and in my case this proved to be true. It's also great for aiding digestion.

The only tea that I am aware of that you need to avoid when pregnant and breastfeeding is lemongrass tea.
If you don't want to read labels all the time, there is breastfeeding/pregnancy tea in herbal or fruit flavour. They will also help with your milk supply once your baby arrived.
Otherwise, I used to drink peppermint only since some teas contain herbs that are not recommended for pregnant women.
Tea and Coffee is not good for your baby if you take that above the limit. Mostly the Tea and Coffee available with caffeine and according to health experts the recommended daily limit of caffeine for pregnant woman's is no more then 200mg. If you cross the limit of 200mg then it would harmful for your unborn baby. But before taking a cup of tea or Coffee I think you should consult with a Child expert regrading this.

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