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What do all you pregnant mum's take to help/prevent morning sickness???
This is my 2nd baby (I'm only early - about 7wks).
With my first I was put in hospital several times for sickness.
I'm currently taking vitamin B6 and folate, and snacking and sleeping lots (as much as i can with a 20mth old!!).
Every chemist I've gone to is sold out of morning sickness tablets and ginger tablets!
I work full time and can't afford any more time off work!
Ta, Amy
Hi Amy,

There is nothing worse than morning sickness, esp when it is so bad that you need to be hospitalised. Also, let me tell you it is harder to cope with when you have a toddler to look after. If I were you I would talk to your doctor (either GP or OB). Given that you have to work I would ask about Maxolon tablets (personally didn't work for me but it does for others). My sickness is so bad that i am on a drug called Zofran which has been a godsend. It has kept me out of hospital and allowed me to look after Lachie. I stilol feel nausea with it but do not throw up which allows me to keep hydrated and eat. Maxalon is a cheaper drug to Zofran so it is worth trying it first.

Best of luck.


I had my baby gal in dec, and i had morning sickness right up until she was born.

I tried everything, and I mean everything, but NOTHING worked.

Sometimes I guess some of us are just blessed with this part of being preggas.



Hi Amy
I just posted my topic on Zofran waifers this afternoon. I swear by them to stop me from vomitting. However, i also have to take maxalon for the nausea's. I need to take the two for them to work. When i first had morning sickness i also ate arnotts biscuits before i got out of bed. I tried crackers but they didn't work. Hope this helps.

Genelle, Twin girls born 8/8/06

I have found something that has helped me so much i was sick for only a week but it was all day all night i couldnt get out of bed, i got some tablets called "travel well" the brand is "natures own" and they are very cheap i hope they work for other ppl too.

belinda,vic,first time mum , with twin boys

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