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Hi to all those women out there I have a couple of questions about how things went with your pregnancy if you had pre-eclampsia during your pregnancy.

While I have not actually got pre-eclampsia i am very close to it, amd have been put on bed rest by my local gp. How did you handle being pregnant and having pre-eclampsia? Were you ableto go full term or was there a reason for being induced or having a c-section, etc?

I am abit scared with this as my doctor has not really told me nothing about pre-eclampsia as it has not progressed to this as yet and does not want to stress me too much. But not knowing is scaring me even more as I like to knwowhat's going on with my body and what may happen with the labor.

Any infromation that you may give me will be greatly appricated.

little monkeys

hi deonne

i had high bp was hospitlised more than 5 times and it went from mild pregnancy induced hypertension to pre esclampsia i had bed rest where i could shower and go straight to bed and my bp went from 140/90 to 170/115 and went to be induced feb 26 and gave birth feb 27 as it was really serious i was getting really sick i was 37 weeks
had a constant headacke for 2 weeks and bp rising more and more my meds wernt working tryed them first in labour i had 4 injections and while i was in labour and still nothing change so then bubs heartbeat dropped and i gave birth in 2 mins of pushing and she flew out and she ahd resporty distress breathing and she had oo many reb blood cells due to pre mature birth was in special care for 5 days before you go to be induced they try meds first and once she was born she was healthy apart from the breathing and too many red blood cells she was 7lb 7oz and i was fine ehadacke went and everything back to normal

mother of three beautiful children

Hi Deonne,
With my first pregnancy i was ordered bed rest and then induced at full term because of pre eclampsia. This time round (i'm 35 weeks) my pregnancy has been affected by high blood pressure since day 1.
Firstly, worrying about it is only going to raise yuor blood pressure!
I am under the care of my hospitals obstetricians, having been classed as "high risk" and seem to spend endless amounts of time being monitored in their day assessment ward, spending endless hours on the tcg machine to check bub's heartbeat and movements. Talking to the other women in the same circumstances calmed me down, knowing that it's pretty common and easily managed.
If need be, there is medication to control your high bp, i'm on Labetalol and they just kept upping the dose til they got it right for me.
I have been for fortnightly ultrasounds to check bub's growth as high blood pressure can affect the placenta and reduce the amount of nourishment passing to bub, resulting in a small baby, this being why some women are induced early. I can assure you this is not always the case as currently i am carrying a whopper, with bub being in the 90% range for growth.
However i was told today that i would still be induced early(possibly 37 or 38 wks) so as to avoid my bp raising in the last weeks.
It may just mean that your appointments will be twice as often but at least your doctor will keep an eye on you and bub.
Good luck!
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