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21 Weeks pregnant and doing Long Haul overseas flight Lock Rss

Does anyone have any recommendations/advice regarding doing a long haul flight? I am due to travel overseas and was wondering if I should purchase pressure stockings/socks, if aspirin is advisable or any advice at all. I generally just seem to get cramps normally and no sickness but would like to be prepared. Thanks.

Kylie, WA, mum2one

Hi Kylie,

You need to walk around the cabin frequently as pregnant women are in a higher risk category for Deep Vein Thromboses. (DVT). I think the pressure socks sound like a good idea also. If I were you I would book an appointment with your doctor - either GP or OB - an ask for their advise and suggestions for how often to walk around. (I think it is at least once every hour but don't quote me!) I think you may need to keep up more fluids then normal too - which is great for a pregnant women's bladder! When you check in, or even before, contact the airline and tell them you are pregnant as they may be able to give you a bulkhead seat which has more leg room.

Best wishes for a safe journey.

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