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I'm 6 weeks / 3 days. This is my first pregnancy, I'm 27 and work in an a reasonably busy / stressful office job. I am EXHAUSTED..... I constantly feel quesy in my tummy, luckily I haven't actually been vomiting, but how do you cope with being so tired and still keep up with work? Home life is fine, hubby looks after me, but work? combined with not all of my colleagues knowing im pregnant at the moment as it's still quite early, how do you get through this?!

It is extremely tough, I was the same with my first. The only thing you can do if you have to or choose to remain in that job is rest whenever you get the chance.
Hopefully in a few more weeks it will ease off as often happens and you will manage like you did before.
Hope you start feeling better soon

Hi- I had horrendous morning sickness (all day sickness) for 12 weeks, it depends on your job/role as to what you can get away with, but I would go into the boardroom to 'research' whatever, put some journals on the table in front of me and sit with my back to the door with my eyes closed and rest like that for 20 mins til I felt OK, or I would schedule interviews with photographers for an hour, meet with them in a cafe downstairs for 30 mins then I would go into the stairwell, go down a couple of flights and sit there in the cold (felt refreshing after the stifling office environment) and take deep breaths til my 'meetings' were finished. The only people who knew I was pregnant was my graphic designer and my advertising manager (both good friends) and they were very supportive.

The other thing I did was squeeze lemon into hot water, even if I just sniffed at it that seemed to get me through.

It gets better...

Good luck,

That first trimester is a toughy, but usually by 12 or 13 weeks your body will settle and hopefully you will become less nauseous and tired.
I am almost 17 weeks now and am feeling great (apart from a slight cold)and I would say 95% better than how I felt in my first 11 weeks.
Is there any option that you can reduce your work hours until you start to feel a little better?

Good luck
Neets x

it's true that the 1st trimester is tough when it comes to being tired, but your energy levels usually pick up in the 2nd trimester. Hang in there, it will get better. I remember with my 1st pregnancy, I used to come home from work and go straight to bed. This is a lot tougher with my 2nd as I now have a toddler in tow.
I am working also. I work nights as it works out with kids and dh work, I have found that since hitting the 2nd trimester its been easier and i havent been as tired, i really want to work up until 34 weeks but will prob cut my hours back to 10 currently 16 as I am on my feet for the whole 4 hrs. If you are finding it really hard I would suggest talking to your employer to see if you can sort anything out.

If your feeling really nauseas alot go do your doctor and get a script for Maxolon. That will help.
Thats the only way I would cope next time as during my pregancy I had to give up work for the 1st 4months as my doctor didn't tell me about Maxolon. Won't need to next time though.
Hi bbyrmsy,

I really feel for you, I was the same, I'm 26 and this is my first baby, I had no idea how sick I would feel and by 8wks had forgotten what it was like to have energy and feel healthy!

But it has nearly all gone now.

The other day I got home from work and put on some music and had a dance around and then thought... Hang on.. I feel good and I haven't danced since before I was pregnant cause I would normally just get home put on trackies and lay on the lounge feeling like crap..

Work was really hard to deal with, I ended up telling everyone that I was pregnant and they were really understanding. That was at about 7wks and made life at work slightly easier.

Good luck getting through it, it will get better smile

With my daughter I felt abit tired in the beginning of the pregnancy and at the end of the pregnancy but middle I felt great and I had morning sickness for the entire pregnancy I just made sure I had snacks on me all the time and drink plenty of water and when to bed early and try to have a rest when I was at home.

But I am nearly 37 weeks with my second baby and I so tired and also have morning sickness with this one as well and looking after a toddler as well and working full time I was always tired even when I went to bed early so I made so I had some vitimins that you can take while pregnant and I found that help me out and when I was at work I use to found a quiet area and just close my eyes for while and relax so I could get though the day.

But I have just finish work now I am so glad I did cause I couldnt do what I did with my daughter and I work right up til I had her but this one I was stuggling big time and I dont miss work one little bit.

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I had quite an experience with work and being pregnant. I didnt find out i was preg until i was about 10 weeks. (now 26). But, i was sick, tired, forgetful and always late to work for about 6 weeks before finding out. I only found out because i had to go to the doc to get a certificate for work to have the day off and they did a routine pregy check. I kept stuffing up at work, kept getting in trouble and i just HATED being there. My boss accused me of being on drugs on more then one occassion!! We had many 'falling outs' before i told him the news. Once i got over the sickness at about 18 weeks things got easier, i had cut my hours down at work to help me cope, and i havnt put them back up cause i actually like it better this way! i get to finish later and start earlier. But one thing i do find now is that im usually exhausted and in bed by 8.30pm every night! Its all fun and games isnt it!!! NOT LOL
Hi bbyrmsy
I am in the same boat as you.
I hope you are feeling better now that your pregnancy is a bit further along.
I know at 5-7 weeks i was feeling absolutely terrible!.... but it has calmed off a bit but the tiredness is a killer. All i seem to do is work, sleep. I am in bed at 6.30pm and 8.30 is a later one! I feel really terrible because my hubby is doing so much work around the house and I feel a bit useless!
Fingers crossed this tiredness fades, my mum tells me I will be bursting with energy at 14weeks... I sure hope I am because atm it feels like it is never going to end!
Good luck with your prenancy and work!

hi there,
Yea it is hard but ill get easier once the morning sickness passes. You should how ever let your boss know that your pregnant so that he/she is aware of it and allows you more time to rest as over working yourself can in some cases be harmful for bubs. I would also suggest having a blood test done to check that your iron levels arent low as this could be the reason for your tiredness.
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