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I'm 19 weeks pregnant and happy. I have had two miscarriages in the past. This is the furtherest I have gotten. I suffer with headaches occassionally and morning sickness.

Because of the past I am restricted to doing nothing but rest. I have had a cervical stitch put in place. Just would like to here from fellow pregnant woman for chats.

I don't yet know if I'm pregnant but I am already mum of 3 boys. the morning sickness is shocking eh? I had a miscarriage on new years (02) eve due to a implanon implant, not much fun at all.

Cathy, m of 3 boys, trying for #4.

hi there, hope you are doing ok, when I found out that I was pregnant I was 2wks and working as a roustabout in the sheds, I worked for about a months and had a bleed two weeks later another, A small heamoragge (sorry spelling) so my husband stoppedme from working, the headaches I would say drink water lots of it and morning sickness eat as much as you can, stay away from non cooked foods as you will know and al the best, mostly the bredom will get you, I have sat at home now for 4mths, I am 25wks through and doing ok, I knit alot and have joined classes for quilting and knitting, I walk and cook all the time, my cooking books have never been used so much, best of luck

nearly there

Hiya Peta, our baby girl was born 3mths early at home(our first baby) so with no 2 they were looking at putting a stitch in, although they did'nt i'm like you i need lots of rest and see the Dr every 3-4 weeks. At first i got really bored cos i'm so used to working but then i got myself some really good books to read and every now and again i'd go down to local child care centre and have a chat. I also found things to do round the house like having a clothes clean out and packing up my hospital bag, just little fun things like that should take the edge off the boredem. But it is important to rest for bubby's sake so do a few hours then make sure you rest even if its to put your feet up with a good magazine. wink

Caitlin 19mths, Kiani 4mths.

Hi There,

After 2 miscarriages - causes unknown, I succesfully gave birth to a baby girl 13 1/2 months ago and am now 14 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I have been told to take it easy and stop lifting my daughter because of my history. I have had some tugging and pulling feelings on the inside of my tummy the past few times I've picked up my daughter. It doesn't actually hurt me, but sure does stop me dead in my tracks. I am over the morning sickness hurdle now and just starting to feel a bit better.

Would love to chat with you smile
have a packet of ginger snap biscuits or ginger beer next to your bed as soon as it starts like mine did at 4am every morning as i got up that time to work. i ate that and drank that or plain packet or chips. it used to work. and if it dont it dont hurt to throw it back up chew it really good... toast hurt me the most.. LOL

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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